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Current situation of hydraulic excavator industry and Countermeasures for China's entry into WTO

Guide: current situation of hydraulic excavator industry 1 The proportion of wholly foreign-owned joint ventures in the whole industry has increased rapidly year by year. According to statistics, at present, the proportion of product sales of seven sole proprietorships and joint ventures in the industry has rapidly increased from about 70% in 1996 to 90% in 1999, which is in China's construction machinery industry

hydraulic pneumatic gel is a solid material form. The current situation of the excavator industry

1 The proportion of wholly foreign-owned joint ventures in the whole industry has increased rapidly year by year. According to statistics, at present, the sales volume of the products of seven wholly-owned and joint ventures in the industry accounts for the proportion of the whole industry. Although the samples of the chain have not been significantly damaged after the action of the minimum tensile load, these aluminum alloy materials have been listed in the 8000 Series Aluminum Alloy product catalogue by the American Aluminum Association, which has rapidly increased from about 70% in 1996 to 90% in 1999. This is the most important feature of the hydraulic excavator industry in China's construction machinery industry. In addition to the hydraulic excavator produced by Guizhou Zhanyang company, which is still a domestic brand, it can be said that at present, wholly foreign-owned and foreign-funded enterprises have occupied a major position in China's hydraulic excavator industry, and their foreign brand hydraulic excavators have occupied the main domestic market. The state-owned enterprises that produce domestic hydraulic excavators only occupy about 10% of the domestic market, and the proportion continues to decline

2. The domestic market demand for hydraulic excavator models is mainly 20 ~ 25t medium-sized models. By 1998, the proportion of production and sales of 20 ~ 25t models has reached 72.2% and 73.2% respectively, the proportion of production and sales of 27 ~ 33T models has reached 13.5% and 13% respectively, and the proportion of other small and heavy models is very small. This is due to the excellent efficiency of 20 ~ 25t grade products. They are highly efficient, widely used, of high quality, with adequate supply of accessories and moderate prices. Therefore, foreign-funded and joint venture companies mostly produce this type of model in China

3. Domestic users' requirements for high performance, high quality and high reliability of hydraulic excavators have been regarded as the primary condition. Taking 20 ~ 25t crawler hydraulic excavator as an example, the price of a single domestic standard model is between 400000 ~ 1million yuan. The price of the old models produced by state-owned enterprises is about 400000 yuan, but the performance, quality, operation efficiency and reliability of the products are low, and few people have paid attention to them. The operating efficiency and reliability of Japanese and Korean models are much higher than those of domestic old models. Even if the price of a single model is higher than 750000 ~ 1million yuan, it is still favored by users. This is a leap in user psychology with the rapid development of China's economic construction and the enhancement of users' economic strength

4. State owned enterprises that adopt internationally advanced accessories and continuously improve product quality can occupy a certain share in the domestic hydraulic excavator market. Since 1997, Shanghai Construction Machinery Factory, Yangtze River excavator factory, Liuzhou Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., China Yituo company and other enterprises have successively developed a batch of new models using foreign hydraulic parts, diesel engines and other advanced supporting parts. Their main performance indicators and operating efficiency are basically the same as those of Japanese and Korean models, and their single price is between 550000 yuan and 630000 yuan, which is very popular with domestic medium and small users. To consolidate and expand the market share of the new generation of domestic hydraulic excavators, state-owned enterprises still need to make great efforts

countermeasures for the revitalization of the hydraulic excavator industry

insiders recently pointed out that when China is about to join WTO, the hydraulic excavator industry should take the following countermeasures to achieve greater development:

1 Starting with the adjustment of the enterprise organizational structure, we should implement the optimal combination of assets and jointly establish a domestic enterprise group of a new generation of hydraulic excavators. In the group, we should concentrate excellent professionals in domestic industries, establish a strong technology development center, concentrate stock assets, and introduce necessary advanced software and hardware (including processing and testing). Under the principle of supporting internationalization, establish a perfect quality assurance system and after-sales service system to ensure that the new generation of domestic hydraulic excavators have excellent performance and quality, and have a large economic batch, so that the performance price ratio of products is higher than that of foreign similar models, so as to be in an invincible position in the market competition. If we don't take this step and still maintain the current status of separation, each company is lack of talents, funds and equipment, and the annual output is only about 100 units, it will be defeated by joint ventures and wholly-owned enterprises. The market share of domestic hydraulic excavators is not only difficult to maintain, but also will continue to decline to unimaginable levels

2. We should fully study China's national conditions and market. Develop the variant products of a new generation of hydraulic excavators to meet the needs of China's water conservancy project construction and the broad rural market. In 1998, China encountered a catastrophic flood disaster, and there was a serious lack of urgently needed development and production of construction machinery, obstacle removal machinery, dam maintenance and foundation treatment construction machinery, flood control and emergency equipment, etc. for dredging and desilting of rivers, lakes and reservoirs, which were needed in the national military and civilian flood fighting and rescue struggle. The construction of irrigation and water conservancy in China's vast agricultural machinery market also requires a large number of high-quality and low-cost multi-functional construction machinery. The development of various variants and simple multi-functional construction machinery of hydraulic excavators to meet the needs of different uses and different levels is a good opportunity for Chinese enterprises. We should adopt the rapid response mechanism to study

and develop more high-quality and cheap new products to meet the needs of China's vast water conservancy and farmland construction

3. We should fully study the impact of China's entry into WTO on the hydraulic excavator market and take correct Countermeasures in time. After joining WTO, China will enjoy multilateral, unconditional and stable "GSP" treatment. The low tariff rate abroad is conducive to the expansion of the export of China's construction machinery products with relatively high performance and price. It can also import foreign advanced accessories required by domestic enterprises through low tariffs, so as to further reduce product costs, which in turn can improve the export competitiveness of products. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the international market while paying attention to the domestic market. In foreign countries, the market share of bulldozers and crawler loaders is gradually declining, while the market share of hydraulic excavators is increasing year by year. In particular, small multi-functional hydraulic excavators are increasingly widely used in foreign farmland, manor construction, urban pipeline laying and material handling, and the demand is growing rapidly. This undoubtedly provides a big market for state-owned hydraulic excavator enterprises. Therefore, we must develop various models needed by foreign users in a timely manner according to the needs of the international market, expand the variety and quantity of exports, and form more new economic growth points

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