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The current situation of water quality is not optimistic, and the prospect of water quality monitoring is bright.

water is the source of life and one of the most important material resources for human survival and development. Nowadays, with the rapid development of social economy, the demand for water resources involves almost all aspects of the national economy, such as industry, agriculture, construction, residents' lives and so on

at present, there are two main problems in China's water resources: one is the shortage of water resources, and the other is the serious pollution of water resources

although China is vast in territory and resources and has a large total amount of water resources, due to the huge population, the per capita water consumption is low, and the water resources that can be used as drinking water are more limited. A country whose water consumption exceeds 20% of its water resources is likely to have a water resources crisis. According to this standard, the situation of water resources in China in recent years has been close to the edge of crisis. The data from the Ministry of water resources also shows that China's total water consumption is gradually approaching the 2020 total water consumption control target set by the State Council, and the development space is very limited. At present, China's annual average water shortage is as high as more than 50 billion cubic meters. Serious water shortage will seriously affect the process of urban modernization, the growth of GDP and the improvement of residents' living standards

with the faster and faster development of social industry, the industrial wastewater, domestic sewage and other wastes of many enterprises are discharged wantonly into rivers, lakes and seas and other water bodies, which destroys the self purification capacity of the water bodies, resulting in a large number of water resources, especially the frequent pollution of goods circulation nowadays. At present, the main pollutants in China's water bodies are heavy metals and organic substances. These pollutants have seriously led to the changes in the physical, chemical, biological and other characteristics of the water body, thus affecting the use value of water, endangering people's physical and mental health, and destroying the ecological environment

the scarcity of water resources in China has been a long-standing problem. The deterioration of the water ecological environment and the increasingly serious pollution undoubtedly increase the difficulty of restoring the water ecological environment and controlling pollution. In order to alleviate the severe water situation, China has issued many policies and measures, such as the "water law", "water conservancy industry policy", "water conservancy project water supply price management measures" and other relevant policies. We adopt actual production. The establishment of complete water resources laws, regulations and supervision system is the first step to build a water-saving society in China. Only under a perfect system can we strengthen the control of total water use and the use of renewable water

in addition to establishing a sound water-saving supervision system, it is also very important to improve citizens' concept of water conservation and reduce unnecessary waste. Nowadays, people from all walks of life must establish a sense of water resources crisis, and it is urgent to take saving water resources as people's conscious code of conduct

with people's deep understanding of the current situation of water resources, China has also actively carried out a number of actions to actively rectify water resources. Since the introduction of the "ten water policies", the state has successively led provinces to actively invest in water resources management. Through unremitting management, Anhui, Gansu, Jiangsu, Hebei, Hunan, Guangdong, Hangzhou, Yunnan, Henan and other provinces and cities have achieved certain results

in the management of water resources, water environment monitoring technology is the top priority. Nowadays, the state pays more and more attention to water environment problems, and the investment in water quality monitoring and sewage treatment is also increasing. The prospect of water resources treatment is promising

it is also that the output of this sensor only reflects the maximum and minimum values of the experimental load. During this period, a series of excellent water quality monitoring equipment manufacturers burst out in China, and enterprises such as spotlight technology, Tianrui instrument, xuedilong, Xianhe environmental protection, etc. have thus ushered in good development opportunities. In the first half of last year, spotlight technology achieved a net profit of 101 million yuan, an increase of 19.15% year-on-year; Tianrui instrument achieved a net profit of 42 million yuan, with a year-on-year minimum cost of plastic bags of only a few cents, an increase of 15.76%; Xuedilong achieved a cumulative net profit of 52 million yuan, an increase of 14.63% over the same period last year; Xianhe environmental protection achieved a net profit of 49 million yuan, an increase of 17.27% over the same period last year. It can be seen from the above data that after the rapid development stage, the market demand for water quality monitoring in China is still growing, and the future potential is huge

"everyone is responsible for protecting water resources". The protection of water resources is related to the happy life of each of us and the future of the nation. It is our duty to make scientific and rational use of water resources, cherish water resources, save water resources, and develop good water-saving habits. We hope that each of us can start from ourselves and build a water-saving society

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