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Yanchang oil group has leaked oil more than ten times this year, highlighting internal mismanagement

this year's major leakage is not only CNOOC, but also Shaanxi Yanchang oil group, the fourth largest oil company in China. In the early morning of the 24th, an oil pipeline belonging to Yanchang oil pipeline transportation company leaked about 200 tons of crude oil. According to previous reports, this is the first time that Yanchang oil has leaked oil by changing the manual operation to 12 times that the gauge rod is moved by the sample this year

according to local media reports, the crude oil transmission pipeline from Dingbian to Jingbian in Shaanxi leaked at about 4 a.m. on the 24th. At about 6 a.m., the pipeline patrol personnel found the crude oil leak and reported it to the superior department

China Business News called relevant departments of Yanchang Petroleum Group many times yesterday, but no one answered. Industry insiders commented that the frequent oil spills in Yanchang oil, the repeated pollution of forest land and cultivated land, and the poor management of enterprises are the primary reasons for the oil spill to become a "persistent disease"

A person in charge of Yanchang oil pipeline transportation company said that after investigation, it was confirmed that some people stole crude oil and installed valves on the oil pipeline when stealing oil. Due to the high-tech innovation in China's high-molecular materials industry, the pressure of the pipeline is large, and the valves cannot bear the pressure of the oil pipeline, resulting in the leakage of crude oil

a person in charge of oil spill rescue also said that due to the cold weather, the crude oil leaked was quickly frozen, so most of the leaked crude oil did not seep. At present, the main work is to remove the sludge, and then transport the sludge to a qualified treatment plant for treatment, and then transport the frozen crude oil to the oil production plant for centralized treatment

oil leakage, whether caused by theft or other reasons, has occurred many times around the pipeline extending the oil. Moreover, Yanchang oil group itself almost never takes the initiative to disclose oil spills, and oil spills have become a "stubborn disease"

it is reported that due to frequent oil spills in Yanchang, "oil solicitation" has become a business for local people. A bag of oil weighing 100 Jin can be sold for 60 yuan. Local villagers said in September that there had been 11 oil spills in Yanchang this year

a person familiar with the matter said to Yanchang oil group that due to the support of the local government, environmental protection and surrounding public construction issues, the relationship between the enterprise and local villagers is not very good, and villagers steal oil from time to time. Yanchang oil production plant also seems to have formed a tacit understanding with the villagers, and sometimes is willing to recycle the "oil obtained" by the villagers

"Yanchang oil group has a strong regional nature. It could have had a more harmonious relationship with the local government, rather than facing the serious phenomenon of oil theft as it is now." Liu Yijun, a professor at the school of Business Administration of China University of petroleum, said that the company should actively integrate into local economic construction and resolve problems with villagers

poor management

in addition to oil spills caused by theft, the primary reason for frequent oil spills is considered to be poor management

an insider of Yanchang oil group once told the media that the most important reason for frequent oil leakage is the quality problem of oil pipelines. The general service life of underground oil pipelines can be as long as 10 years, but crude oil leakage accidents frequently occur in some pipelines that have been built for two to three years. The person said, "I think there are quality problems in pipelines, which belong to the management loopholes of oil production plants."

"pipeline leakage can reduce the frequency of occurrence by improving enterprise management." Liu Yijun said that if enterprises invest more in pipeline monitoring equipment and technology, strengthen inspection efforts, and improve relations with surrounding people, oil leakage accidents can be effectively avoided. However, it is not easy to completely eradicate the oil spill accident, which requires enterprises to strengthen management in all aspects

environmentalists questioned the frequent leakage of Yanchang oil and the current concealment of oil. Chang Cheng, the person in charge of the public participation project of friends of nature, said that after the oil spill accident, enterprises should disclose information in a timely manner, disclose the impact of the accident to the government and the public, and compensate the affected parties

public information shows that Yanchang Shi5 gold tool torque detection equipment is used for the change strength test of all kinds of wrenches, and can also carry out the torsion strength test of all kinds of parts and wrenches The torsional test of parts and components can also be carried out by adding corresponding accessories The oil leakage accidents that have occurred many times have seriously polluted the local water quality, forest land and cultivated land, but the company has not made active compensation and remedy for this. Chang Cheng said that relevant laws and regulations do not make strong norms for similar behaviors of enterprises, but timely release of information and remediation are the social responsibilities of enterprises

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