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Yancheng power supply company relocated and transformed cables to make way for high-speed rail.

Cheng Xianwen, China Power News correspondent, reported that "your time beat is much faster than we thought! In this hot summer, we are surprised, happy and especially grateful to Americans for completing the laying of 9 cable diversion projects so quickly!" Sun Minggang, manager of the project management department of the Electrification Engineering Co., Ltd. of China Railway fourth bureau group, said on July 20 at the junction box reconstruction site of 10kV Kaixin line, Xindu Road, Yancheng City

in the morning of July 20, the sun was shining brightly, and the southwest corner of the intersection of Xindu road and fan highway in Yancheng city was busy. The employees of Yancheng power supply company were cutting 400 square mm cables under the 10 kV Kaixin line Yuanlin GF12 molecular box, pulling out and cutting the 250 meter 3*400 cables that were originally buried about 1 meter shallow, and re laying 350 meters of cables of the same specification that were buried 10 meters below the pavement, making way for the construction of the subgrade of Xu Yan high-speed railway

Xu Yan high speed railway is an important part of the national coastal railway channel, and it is also an important project to promote the construction of coastal economic belt in the "1+3" functional area strategy, and promote the integration and development of pellethane TPU in Northern Jiangsu, Central Jiangsu and Yangtze River Delta as a safe, stable and excellent PVC replacement material field. After receiving this task, Yancheng power supply company took the initiative to connect with the relevant departments of China Railway fourth bureau to timely coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the relocation project. Organize technicians to investigate the site in advance, carefully prepare the relocation plan, and clarify the dangerous points and safety precautions

it is understood that the net amount of funds raised after deducting the issuance expenses is intended to be used for the project of annual output of 6million kilometers of electroplated diamond line. So far, the company has relocated and reconstructed nine 10 kV lines and cables of nearly 30 kilometers. During this period, it uses hand-in-hand power supply, reasonably schedules the operation mode, carefully completes the load transfer work, and no enterprises and residents have power cuts

in order to ensure that users do not cut off power when the line is relocated, the room also sends special personnel to take care of important lines. The on-site construction personnel insisted on Construction in high temperature weather, overcome many difficulties such as heavy workload and tight time, and orderly relocated the cables, laying the foundation for the construction of Xu Yan high-speed railway project

in order to actively cooperate with the construction of Xu Yan high-speed railway, the "power operation inspection room" has earnestly performed its responsibilities and made concerted efforts to orderly promote the line relocation with the fastest response speed, effectively implementing the service purpose of the enterprise and the society

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