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Yalong glass machinery will participate in the Asia International Glass Technology Exhibition

glasstech Asia is the most professional and largest glass exhibition in Southeast Asia, enjoying the reputation of "Southeast Asia Glass Center". This is a grand event for industry insiders to have an in-depth understanding of glass raw materials, glass manufacturing, cold end processing, and product molding, and to create a platform for them to enter Southeast Asia, a continuously growing market. Glasstech Asia holds the annual exhibition in turn in countries in Southeast Asia. Glasstech Asia 2015 was successfully held in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, attracting 236 manufacturers in the field of new energy vehicles and buses. A total of tens of thousands of visitors visited the three-day exhibition. The 14th exhibition will be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

market analysis:

Vietnam has a population of about 86million, with rapid economic development and stable political situation. Every year, the total area of housing demand in Vietnamese cities and towns is as high as 37 million square meters, with a total investment of about 562 trillion dong (about US $32 billion). At present, there are about 7million people in Vietnam who need to buy or rent houses, with a total area of 1. 500million square meters

Vietnam needs to build 2 more buildings from 2009 to 2015. 250000 guest rooms to meet the needs of tourism development. In recent years, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and other ASEAN countries have witnessed a new upsurge in infrastructure construction and civil housing construction, and most of their building materials products rely on imports. In 2015, the ASEAN free trade area was fully completed, and about 7000 products between China and ASEAN will enjoy zero tariff treatment. After the implementation of zero tariff, Chinese enterprises can not only avoid many trade barriers, but also save export costs. It is a rare opportunity for Chinese enterprises to directly set up factories and establish commodity distribution centers in ASEAN countries. As one of the ASEAN member countries, Vietnam is the best springboard and the most convenient channel for Chinese products to enter the consumption market of 500million people in ASEAN. Now China has become Vietnam's leading trading partner, bringing infinite new business opportunities to Chinese and Vietnamese enterprises

concurrent Exhibition: 2016 Asia (Vietnam) International door, window, curtain wall and sunshade exhibition

exhibit content:

glass and related products: original glass and various deep-processing glass, architectural curtain wall glass, glass hardware tools, glass abrasives, glass molds, etc

glass production: auxiliary and operating materials; Batching equipment; Coating technology; Cold end technology; Computer system; Furnace auxiliary equipment; delivery; Transportation; Packaging and storage technology; Glass fiber production machine; Glass forming equipment; Glass melting technology; Glass tube production technology; Measuring and testing equipment; Raw materials, etc

glass processing and polishing: art glass production equipment; Bending equipment; Cooling system; Decorative tools; Drilling tools; Trimming and beveling equipment; Processing equipment; Equipment control system; Insulating glass machinery; Melting equipment; Mirror production machinery; Packaging equipment, etc

Dongguan Yalong Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. will participate in the 15 working day tour of the 2016 Asia (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) International Glass Technology Exhibition, and is willing to work with people in the global glass industry to jointly write a new chapter in the development of the glass industry

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