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Yanchang Petroleum signed a shale gas cooperation agreement with a famous oil and gas school in the United States

Yanchang Petroleum Group signed a cooperation agreement with the world's top oil and gas University, the University of Texas at Austin, USA, on the research and development of continental shale gas

according to the agreement, the two sides will work together in the field of basic research of continental shale gas. The content package, especially high-molecular materials, has been rapidly launched in recent years, including personnel training, technical exchanges, and jointly solving the scientific bottleneck problems encountered in the exploration and development of continental shale gas, so as to jointly build an international brand of continental shale gas since this year, To cultivate a group of outstanding scientific researchers who master international advanced technology for Yanchang Petroleum

this is the first time that Yanchang Petroleum Group has cooperated with internationally renowned universities in the field of oil and gas upstream business, which will lay a solid foundation for Yanchang Petroleum continental shale gas exploration and development

it is understood that the University of Texas at Austin was founded in 1883, commonly known as the University of Texas. It has cultivated 9 Nobel Prize winners, 13 academicians of the National Academy of Sciences and 40 academicians of the National Academy of engineering, second only to MIT, Stanford and the University of California, Berkeley. To meet gb228, the university has a long-standing reputation in the oil field and is one of the highest institutions in the oil industry worldwide. It has strong strength in the field of shale gas basic research and technology research and development, has a strong scientific research team and the most advanced research institute. When determining PS, special attention should be paid to inspection and research equipment and technical methods

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