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Yancheng airport opened an artificial intelligence self-service channel for border inspection

on the morning of November 10, the entry-exit Hall of terminal T2 of Yancheng Nanyang International Airport was successfully opened, and the new border inspection facilities and processes were launched as a whole, providing more efficient and convenient services for entry-exit passengers

△ on November 10, the inspection and release site of T2 terminal of Yancheng airport frontier inspection station was officially opened

close to the development trend of large-scale in and out and fast in and out of Yancheng airport port, Yancheng airport frontier inspection station plans in advance and takes the initiative to provide services. Taking the opportunity of the opening of T2 terminal international area without problem areas, we will strengthen the intelligent construction of frontier inspection. With the implementation of degradable mulch film, a total of 14 off power strip artificial intelligence inspection channels have been built in the inspection area of T2 terminal, which is 2 more than T1 terminal. On July 6 this year, the entry hall of terminal T1 opened the first self-service inspection channel. So far, the number of self-service customs clearance has reached more than 2000, accounting for 3.2% of the total number of customs clearance. The number of self-service inspection channels for border inspection in T2 terminal has also been increased from 1 to 7, including 4 inbound and 3 outbound channels. The convenience of two-way self-service customs clearance has been established. The proportion of self-service customs clearance is expected to exceed 30%, and the overall customs clearance efficiency will be greatly improved

it is reported that Yancheng airport frontier inspection station also synchronizes these knowledge. You must know! A dedicated channel for Chinese people has been set up, equipped with a number of advanced border inspection equipment and facilities, such as intelligent network communication system, super document inspection equipment, fast license identification instrument, etc. on the basis of greatly improving customs clearance efficiency, the construction of port control force has been further increased, ensuring the absolute safety and stability of Yancheng airport port, and the happiness index of inbound and outbound passengers has been rising

(source: Yanfu Dazhong Bao/guowenjing)

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