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Yang enfang: we must seriously think about the future trend of Chongqing's printing industry

in Chongqing's publishing industry, the printing industry accounted for 46.6% of assets in 2007, 48.93% of sales revenue, 56.98% of production added value and 61.64% of profits, becoming the pillar of industry development. How to realize the leapfrog development of Chongqing printing industry? There are several issues that must be seriously considered

meet the demand to show Guangfa. It can provide a perfect exhibition space for pre-processing and post-processing functions.

more than 90% of the about 70 key products and famous and special products published by Chongqing over the years need supporting printing and packaging

heavy chemical industry, modern agriculture, food processing, modern pharmacy, textile and clothing, cigarettes, bamboo wood pulp and paper and other industries have a strong momentum of development. In addition, Chongqing has the advantages of energy security, policy environment for industrial development, financing environment, rich labor resources and the strength of industrial clusters. Chongqing's industrial economy has shown a momentum of double-digit growth for 10 consecutive years. By 2020, The total investment in fixed assets of the whole society will reach about 10 trillion yuan. All these will provide a broad market demand for plywood GB 9846 (8) for the printing and packaging industry

Chongqing has relatively low production cost factors such as energy, land resources and labor, and the golden waterway is adding wings to the increasingly perfect traffic conditions, which have become obvious advantages to attract domestic and foreign printing and packaging enterprises

there is an urgent need to break the five bottlenecks restricting development

analyze the current situation of printing in Chongqing. The main problems restricting our great development lie in the maladjustment of printing technology and equipment, system and mechanism, business layout, market order and scale strength

today's printing is a combination of many top scientific and technological achievements, and the scientific and technological content of the printing industry is among the best in the whole social industrial field. Now, Chongqing, which is famous for its heavy chemical industry at home and abroad, is almost blank in the fields of printing machinery manufacturing, printing technology and process research, and the scientific research strength of the printing industry is almost zero. The printing industry chain is missing, and printing has always been in a passive processing and production state

the state-owned printing enterprises are overstaffed, there are too many management personnel, and the situation of excess personnel in relevant departments has not fundamentally changed, and the enterprise incentive, reward and punishment mechanism still needs to be improved. Small scale, low labor productivity, backward business philosophy, not thinking of management innovation, and the widespread phenomenon of family management have directly affected the further development and growth of the enterprise. Ningji south new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional consumer of friction and wear testing machines! The deep-rooted concept of being a chicken head rather than a phoenix tail has hindered the promotion of industrial resource integration

at present, there are 1678 printing enterprises in Chongqing, and only 22 with assets of more than 50million yuan. In 2007, the total output value of the city's printing industry was 5.4 billion yuan, accounting for only 1.35% of the city's GDP. Compared with developed regions, the output value of printing industry in individual counties of coastal developed provinces such as Zhejiang and Guangdong cannot be reached. In Southwest China, the output value of Chongqing's printing industry is only about half of that of Sichuan Province

filling in the weak and filling in the gaps aiming at the high-end of modern industry

filling in the weak and filling in the gaps aiming at the cutting-edge of modern printing technology and the high-end of the industry, so as to have the right direction of Chongqing's development. The development space of the packaging and printing industry in Chongqing is not so much. The opportunity of reducing mice's direct contact with wires can be estimated. With the development of Chongqing into an important growth pole in the west, as an important supporting industry of social economy, the packaging and printing industry will achieve leapfrog development

in recent years, digital printing technology has been maturing, and Chongqing will accelerate its development in the field of digital printing. Publication printing should change its scattered, weak and poor industry status through the optimization of industrial structure, and on this basis, guide and encourage enterprises to take the road of differentiated competition, take the road of high-quality development, and promote the upgrading of publication printing

development mode one base, two clusters

the centralized industrial layout of parks is a successful mode of China's intensive economic development

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