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Vishay launched high-precision bulk metal foil resistors and Z foil resistors with advanced performance. April 17, 2009 - a few days ago, Vishay intertechnology, Inc. released four high-precision bulk metal resistors with coating packaging and high cost performance, including two foil resistors - VSH, VSC and two Z foil resistors - features of software operation: vshz and vscz. Vishay's unique manufacturer should regularly check whether the wiring of the rear panel is loose, which enables the new resistance to achieve high accuracy. The rising reaction time of 1ns is much faster than that of the resistance using other technologies, and there is no ringing. Within the temperature range of -55 ℃ ~ +125 ℃ and the reference temperature of +25 ℃, VSH and VSC foil resistance, vshz and vscz Z foil resistance have typical TCR of ± 2ppm/℃ and ± 0.2ppm/℃ respectively. The tolerance of resistance is only ± 0.01%, and the stability rate of load life can reach 0.01% (100ppm) after 2000 hours of operation at 70 ℃ and rated power

the resistance range of these resistors released today is 5 Ω to 120K Ω, the voltage coefficient is less than 0.1ppm/v, and the current noise is less than -42db. Like all other Vishay foil resistors, vsh/z and vsc/z series are not limited to providing resistors with standard resistance values, but also can provide resistors with specific resistance values (such as 9.997k Ω vs. 10K Ω) on demand, without additional cost and delivery time. At +70 ℃, the power level of these resistors is 300MW, and the maximum working voltage is 300V

resistors with other technologies need several seconds or even minutes to achieve steady-state thermal stability, while vsh/z and vsc/z can achieve thermal stability in less than one second. These resistors can achieve minimum drift under various unconventional environmental conditions, and are the best choice for analog applications. The unique structure of the resistor ensures a high level of reliability and can withstand thermal shock, humidity, mechanical shock and vibration

these resistors adopt a unique concept in the manufacturing process. Bulk metal foil material with patented technology is coated on a special ceramic substrate in a certain proportion, and then the resistance lattice is photoetchable on the substrate with ultra-fine technology developed by Vishay. The etched planar structure of the device realizes extremely low and reproducible reactance, which is needed for high frequency and pulse applications. Vsh/z and vsc/z resistors can withstand 25kV discharge, which improves reliability and is non inductive (0.08 μ H) And capacitive resistance. These devices provide lead-free terminals and tin lead alloy terminals

these resistors are very suitable for DC-DC converters, feedback circuits, high-precision amplifiers in testing and measuring instruments in the fields of laboratories, industrial and medical systems, electron beam systems, commercial and military aviation equipment, audio systems, downhole drilling equipment and so on

new resistors can now provide samples and supply them in batches. The delivery time of samples is 72 hours, and the delivery time of standard batch orders is 4 weeks

vishay introduction

vishay intertechnology, Inc. is a "Fortune 1000 enterprise" that is a partner of the project in New Zealand. Wrap, a regeneration group, has carried out a phase 1 cooperation with nextek company and is listed on the stock exchange (VSH), It is one of the largest manufacturers of discrete semiconductors (diodes, rectifiers, transistors, optoelectronic devices and some selected ICs) and passive electronic components (resistors, capacitors, inductors, sensors and converters) in the world. These components can be used in various types of electronic equipment in industrial decadent experiments, computing, automotive, consumer, telecommunications, military, aerospace and medical markets. With product innovation, successful acquisition strategy and the ability to provide "one-stop" services, Vishay has become a global industry leader. For more information about Vishay, please visit the website

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