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On February 5, ctiforum (Guo Jia): in recent days, haze weather has swept all over the country. Statistics show that among the 74 monitored cities in the country, 33 cities have suffered serious air pollution, and the haze in 17 provinces has continued, except for the initial report in 2002. PM2.5 frequency burst meter, haze yellow warning, ten side haze and so on have quickly become hot words. In recent days, although the air quality in cities around the country has improved, PM2.5 is still hot

the government has done something, and the people are working together

for air pollution, the government certainly has something to blame, but in the case of fierce haze, it can not be said that the relevant departments have done nothing

take Beijing as 1 The photoelectric encoder transmits the measured speed signal to the spindle speed measurement control system and the spindle speed measurement display system. For example, on January 30, the atmospheric Department of the Environmental Protection Bureau organized inspectors to conduct night inspections at various toll stations in the city to check the exhaust emissions of vehicles entering Beijing from other places. Once a foreign car with unqualified exhaust enters Beijing, the inspectors will impose a fine of 100 yuan on it and persuade it to return

103 municipal key sewage discharge enterprises are also supervised. At present, the 103 key pollutant discharge enterprises have stopped production

at the same time, Beijing municipal authorities and institutions were required to stop driving 30% of the buses when the haze was serious

in Baoding City, Hebei Province, one of the cities with the most serious haze, two samples can be processed at a time. According to the Baoding Municipal government, the city decided to effectively solve the continuous atmospheric environmental pollution problems such as haze weather by taking measures such as up to standard emissions from coal-fired boilers, phasing out the driving of yellow standard vehicles, and accelerating the promotion of oil to gas conversion in public transportation from now until the end of the heating period

it is a long-term process to control air pollution. It is not easy to judge the strength of the government, but it is a good omen to do something. For ordinary people, reducing private car travel and setting off less or no firecrackers are all behaviors that start from ourselves. We can't do big things. Why not start small

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