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Frankfurt Exhibition Official Forum Spring Festival 1000 people event "terminal rise"

Frankfurt Exhibition Official Forum Spring Festival 1000 people event "terminal rise - talk through" was held in March, business cooperation was booming

China Construction Machinery Information

activity contact: Mr. Zheng Miss Wu

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business cooperation: Miss Zhu

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"terminal rise - speak through" 2019 China auto service industry new trend conference

amr Frankfurt 2019 Beijing Exhibition Official Forum

Rubik's cube Business School 2019 auto repair end forum

time: March 20, 2019 9:: 00

location: Beijing Kuntai Hotel (five-star)

(No. 2, Wangjing Qiyang Road, wuyuanqiao, Chaoyang District, Beijing)

scale: 1000 people +

form: main forum + Industry Sub forum + private cocktail party (invited)


flange Tonglian Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

messe Frankfurt/Rubik's cube business school/Juqi

co organizer: China Lubricant information/takeoff planning/Tianjin Chamber of Commerce for automobile maintenance industry/automobile maintenance and repair/Cheyuan rut/Fubang media/China tire Alliance/China automotive aftermarket peak innovation think tank/Yichuang consulting/Yima media/China tire business

conference highlights

1. Frankfurt Beijing Exhibition - Official Forum

2. No wrangling, no nonsense, the first "landing + speaking through" industry activity in China

3. China's top automotive aftermarket summit in 2019 will focus on four 2019 core sectors: repair, maintenance, tire and supply chain

4. In developed countries in Europe, America and Japan, the development prospect of automotive aftermarket terminals in the world, clearly positioning the development trend of China's automotive aftermarket in 2019

5. 50 heavy guests and industry elites share and discuss. Chinese, German and American automotive aftermarket capital, consulting institutions, supply chain institutions, national large chain service companies, automotive aftermarket interconnected enterprises, association alliances, national industry elite manufacturing or service and other entrepreneurs of the whole industry chain participated

6, 1000+ guests, landing industry entrepreneurs, wonderful in every participant

7, magic square business school 2019 annual meeting + Juqi auto repair end forum + industry high-end crowd "private reception" (invited), global vision + global thinking + practical Entrepreneurs

conference process

march 19 afternoon

13:: 00 register, check in and distribute conference learning materials

on the morning of March 20

[terminal rise - talk through, main forum]

9:: 20 speech by industry guests

speech by Mr. Wang Fengling, Executive Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association

speech by Mr. leichangchun, Secretary General of the marketing working committee of China Rubber Industry Association

messe Frankfurt Asia Pacific general manager Ms. zhoushaolan's opening speech Dean Dai Chen

topic 2:

explain maintenance - correct positioning of maintenance enterprises under the new post market pattern

CEO of Huasheng Automobile Service Chain Zhou Dajun

topic 3:

explain trends - a breakthrough for maintenance enterprises under new capital and new competition

caijingzhong, a partner of Galaxy Venture Capital Investment Co., Ltd.,

theme 5:

explain the key points of auto parts chain reform in Germany and Europe in 2018

Antti wolk, CEO of wolk Aftermarket in Germany

theme 6:

explain the key points of 2018 and 2019 outlook in the US US automotive aftermarket

John walcher, CEO of Veritas advisors in the US, will share the content with the top industry players in China's automotive aftermarket maintenance field. At the same time, exclusive reports of automotive aftermarket institutions from the United States, Germany and Japan were released, and topics from top capital institutions and financial institutions in China were shared

focus on "growth", "change" and "logical trend". We will define a new thinking for industry entrepreneurs at the beginning of 2019, and give more scientific management methods and thinking modes to the next industry transformation and industry competition, Scientific marketing plan......

12:30 -13:30 lunch time and lunch break

march 20 afternoon

parallel Forum: "tire linked auto aftermarket"

[five continents forum – tire linked auto aftermarket channel value improvement]

sponsor: China Rubber Industry Association – marketing working committee

tire, product theme has become the key point of terminal and channel profits. The terminal is the end of the whole channel. Value presentation, service presentation and brand presentation all rely on the terminal to continuously cultivate in the market. The service value of brands, channels and service providers in the whole industrial chain has become a key point to be paid attention to in 2019, and the creation of service value reflects the improvement of brand value

theme lecture: 13:: 30

13:30 - 14:00

integration of tire distribution and platform

14:00 - 14:30

financial and strategic capabilities that tire people should have

14:30 - 15:00

development analysis of industry and investment field

15:00 - 15:30

shaping channel value after tire e-commerce links automobile market

16:30 - 17:30

Round Table Forum: "Terminal link value of tire supply chain and automobile aftermarket"

host: Zhou Gang, CEO of Shanghai jiace Consulting Co., Ltd.


sunzhenwei, general manager of Zhongce car space automobile service chain marketing department

Zhouwei, founder of chebaihui tire and famous car maintenance chain jinhantong Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

zhaolimin, founder of dazhengren tire and automobile service chain

Li Yuankun, founder of Xiao Li tire repair

parallel Forum:

[terminal rise - explain the profitability of terminal maintenance 2019]

no actual combat and no teaching. In terms of the profitability of "tell the truth" terminal maintenance, we will invite excellent industry operators of 100% grounding gas to share. They are industry leaders in each region. To tell the truth, they are dry goods. Explain - the core needs of maintenance enterprises

topic teaching: 13:: 30

13:30 - 14:00

topic: the key points for the growth of regional maintenance enterprises in the training field

14:00 - the profit of US $89million 14:30

topic: how to create the ultimate customer experience and embrace the changes in the new energy market

14:30 - 15:00

topic: the way to success of "maintenance" single product killers

15:00 - 15:30

topic: Auto repair stores how to correctly set up their own profitable products

15:30 - 16:00

theme: the way to success in the field of auto repair in Japan

16:00 - 16:30

theme: actual management of auto repair service stores - Implementation of membership point system management

16:30 - all fully meet the mechanical standards for pipe inspection 17:30

Round Table Forum: key elements of 2019 profitability of terminal maintenance enterprises

host: Lin Yifu, founder of China automotive aftermarket peak innovation think tank guest:

zhangxinbo, founder of Beijing jingxinda auto repair service chain

Yu Yingbin, founder of Beijing renzhixing auto service chain

LV ye, CEO of car 1

zhangchengyong, founder of Shanghai Lianqing auto service chain

parallel Forum:

[terminal rise - explain 2019 automotive aftermarket lubrication and maintenance + supply chain management]

parts manufacturers, distributors and supply chain companies will face the core needs of the maintenance plant: improve efficiency and reduce costs. The integration will bring about a qualitative change in core demand, and the chemical reaction between auto parts and auto repair will bring new changes to the whole industry in 2019. We will invite supply chain suppliers, brands and channel enterprises with growth in the field of auto parts to teach us how to create "integrated value"

the only official media cooperation: China lubricating oil information

guidance unit:

China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association - maintenance and decoration art committee

takeoff planning

topic teaching: 13:: 30

sub forum host: founder of takeoff planning Bian Tengfei

13:25 – 13:45 sub forum host opening speech

13:45 - 14:15

important value of supply chain finance in the field of lubrication and maintenance

14:15 - 14:45

analysis on the development of European lubricants and maintenance products

14:45 - 15:15

matching attributes of accurate data and systems in lubrication maintenance and supply chain management

15:15 - 15:45

how to match lubrication maintenance products and their supply chain management in maintenance terminal transformation

15:45 - 16:15

terminal marketing strategy of lubrication brands

16:15 - 15 16:45

Development of auto parts alliance and its value enhancement to maintenance Terminals

16:45 - 17:45

Round Table Forum: new changes brought about by the new upgrading of supply chain management "maintenance and parts integration"

host: gecko founder Zhang Jie


hangbang auto parts alliance founder jilinmao

Youqi CEO Zhang Ke (island owner)

xuxiangdong, founder of Jiuyi automobile service chain

norauto China General Manager

zhaozhengbo, vice president of a, B, C, D

pdk founder liuwenbo

march 20 night

18:: 00

high end private cocktail party for entrepreneurs in the automotive aftermarket

18:: 00 [terminal rise] VIP private cocktail party

[magic cube Business School 2019 annual meeting - Private cocktail party dinner salon]

[welcome dinner for AMR 2019 Frankfurt Beijing Exhibition]

[take off planning 2019 student annual meeting]

[welcome dinner for China Rubber Industry Association - five continents Forum]


- Rubik's cube Business School - Top 100 students in maintenance Terminals

- EMBA students in automotive aftermarket of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

- boss of global automotive aftermarket students of Rubik's cube business school

- members of Juqi kasff club

- Japan, the United States German automotive aftermarket entrepreneurs

- elite students of take-off planning

- terminal rise - VIP guests of the industry forum

- members of the "elite Eagle" of China Rubber Industry Association

- special guests of the five continents Forum (entrepreneurs of dealers in the tire industry)

total: 300 industry guests

only invited guests and guests participating in VIP tickets can participate, but a "list" and

activity form:

salon sharing + Western-style cocktail party dinner

on March 21, AMR Frankfurt Beijing Exhibition and Exhibition visit

9:00, the collective bus is sent to the exhibition to visit and learn

ticket information

[industry guests forum tickets] (industry guests - free tickets)

help the industry grow without charging any fees, and give hotel accommodation to foreign industry guests

real name system, which needs to be reviewed

1, online registration, On site audit, the two nights' accommodation (standard rooms on March 19 and 20) in Beijing during the forum + exhibition period is limited to the first 400 guests, mainly in the order of registration confirmation

2. Get on-site online interaction + group activities

3. Get on-site the paper version of the first issue of the global automotive aftermarket study tour manual, and get to know the world without going out (sent by the on-site seats)

[VIP guests' tickets]

the price is 499 yuan/person (limited to 100 seats, only if the amount is full)

[terminal rise - explain]

1. Front row guests' famous brand seats in the Forum (according to the registration order)

2 Company logo enterprise wall on-site activities (in order of registration)

3. Global automobile aftermarket Tour

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