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Freon refrigerant has environment-friendly and energy-saving substitutes

freon refrigerant has environment-friendly and energy-saving substitutes

March 7, 2002

a new environment-friendly and energy-saving refrigerant called zci has been tested for one year to replace CFCs (C therefore, FC, commonly known as Freon) and other refrigerants that cause great damage to the ozone layer. This was learned from the "zci refrigerant

and replacement technology promotion meeting" jointly organized by the energy conservation information communication center of the State Economic and Trade Commission and the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Trade Commission a few days ago

according to the introduction that the promotion of green building will be beneficial to the market utilization of polyurethane insulation materials to a large extent, zci mixed refrigerant not only overcomes the pollution of chlorofluorocarbon series refrigerant (including R11, R22, R502) still in use, but also has the characteristics of energy saving and strong cooling power. It is a refrigerant integrating environmental protection and energy saving. According to the measurement of the National Engineering and Technology Research Center for ODS substitutes, the potential constant value of zci series refrigerants to destroy the ozone layer is only between 0 and 0.

03, and its global warming coefficient is only 0.09 to 0.24. This value is much smaller than the relevant value of CFC refrigerant

. At the same time, zci refrigerant can save electricity by 10% to 25%. In July, 2001, the energy saving information of the State Economic and Trade Commission was launched when the time was ripe. The communication center once selected Shanghai Tianlin building as a case to conduct a rigorous test throughout the whole process. The results show that the energy saving rate of the project is 16.7%. The Shanghai Municipal Economic Commission conducted zci refrigerant in the public security building of Shanghai haihongqiao airport. After sales, all provinces in the country can meet the after-sales problems you need. The test result of replacement is that the energy-saving rate of the replaced unit exceeds


in addition, zci environment-friendly refrigerant has high compatibility, and its performance data is similar to that of the replaced one.

whether it is a central air conditioner, an automobile air conditioner, or a household split air conditioner, you can directly

replace the refrigerant without replacing the refrigeration equipment

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