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Freeswitch developer salon opens in 2016

the main contents of this program are:

freeswitch salon will be held in Beijing

freeswitch training will be held in Beijing

freeswitch official account begins to undertake advertising

please see the details below:

I. freeswitch developer salon

the expected freeswitch salon will be held in Beijing Futai Hotel on August 27, 2016

time goes fast. In a twinkling of an eye, it is the day of the new freeswitch developer salon. This year is the fifth

looking back, 2012/2013, coffee in the garage; In 2014, Beiyou science and technology building; Pengrun International Hotel, 2015. In the past few years, we have felt growth and recognition. Whether it is students who have not yet stepped out of the ivory tower, young people who have just entered the industry, senior developers, CTOs, entrepreneurs, leaders of enterprises, or sales and customer service personnel, observers and analysts who are wandering on the edge of technology, some people actually feel the value of our salon and support us silently and consistently

this year, we are going to make some changes

first of all, we chose a super five-star hotel this time. The hotel has a good environment, tall and convenient transportation

After the base is completed, we will change free activities into paid ones. The charge ranges from 128 to 512 yuan (including lunch)

unlike other industry conferences, our event is a technology salon, whose fundamental purpose is to source from and use for developers. We advocate taking technology as the main line, doing some sharing and communication, and doing some social networking and advertising. Yes, we don't refuse advertising. However, you must skillfully embed advertisements in your speeches, ilabo and PPT. Let the audience feel that you have embedded some advertisements in the technology, rather than a little technology in the advertisement

freeswitch is open source, but we also like to connect with any commercial product to make the world a better place

our activities are not for profit. Victrex AE 250 composite material is a good example. We charge tickets and sponsorship fees just to choose a more decent hotel and do better

this time, mysterious guests will be present

there are still some vacant lecture places and sponsorship seats. Please contact us immediately if you are interested

please refer to the advertisement at the bottom for the registration method (there are more discounts for the morning newspaper and less discounts for the evening newspaper)

II. Freeswitch training

freeswitch training has been held for more than ten shifts in major cities across the country in recent years. Most of the students come from big cities, but students from Yunnan, Chengdu, Northeast China and compatriots from Hong Kong and Taiwan also travel thousands of miles to participate in our training. The motivation from the trainees encourages us to continue the training

as in previous years, the salon is followed by three days of technical training. This time, in addition to Mr. Du, there will be new lecturers

III. The advertisement

freeswitch-cn official account was created by Mr. Du. At first, Mr. Du was very diligent. But after the opening of the official account, there were fewer articles. As more and more people use freeswitch because it can biodegrade h, it is a fact that Mr. Du is getting busier and busier. However, it is more likely that Mr. Du is not motivated enough to appreciate every article. To this end, we have opened an advertising business. Please contact us if you want to advertise. The more advertisements, the more they encourage Mr. Du to write more articles. The soft text advertisement is written directly by Mr. Du, and the picture advertisement will be attached to the bottom of each article. Part of the income will be used for community construction and part for Mr. Du to spend

OK, here is our example advertisement:

identify the QR code above, or click the original text below to sign up for the salon

if you want to send an advertisement, please leave a message directly on the official account, design and manufacture according to the standard requirements of the method for measuring the puncture force of rubber plugs and gaskets for injection, or send an email to freeswitch@

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