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Delta NT UPS helps upgrade the power supply and distribution system of beierwai library

recently, at the invitation of Beijing Second International Studies University, delta used NT UPS solutions to update and transform the power supply and distribution system of its library room, so as to meet the current and future requirements of the library for the power supply and distribution of IT equipment

Beijing Second International Studies University, abbreviated as beierwai for short, is a well-known key foreign language university in China. It is also known as the eight foreign colleges together with eight universities, such as Beiwai University and shangwai University. It is also known as the cradle of diplomats and the dream land of tourists. As the literature and information center of the school, the library has naturally become an academic paradise other than the classroom. The library of beierwai was founded in 1964 and has a history of 48 years. The library has a rich collection of books, including more than 180000 e-books, 40 imported databases, 7 self built databases, and an electronic reading room and computer network service system. So Pang decided to quit large IT equipment to continue to operate, and stable power supply is particularly critical

as early as 2008, delta provided a set of NT 40KVA UPS for the power supply and distribution system of the computer room of beierwai library, and the UPS has been running well since its installation. Now, due to the needs of upgrading the campus information infrastructure, the power load of the library has increased and needs to be expanded to 80KVA to meet the demand. Therefore, Delta will once again provide the transformation scheme of the power supply and distribution system of the machine room for the North Second Foreign Library

the transformation plan includes configuring one NT 40KVA ups and two UPS hosts to share the primary battery pack. NT series UPS mainly adopts pure structure, which is composed of rectifier, inverter, static bypass switch, manual bypass switch and isolation transformer. It can completely cut off input interference during operation. Generally, it is not easy to encounter difficulties. The battery conversion time is 0ms. In the case of sudden power failure, it can realize rapid power re supply, which is very important for densely populated libraries. At the same time, NT series UPS can also adopt the on-site parallel mode to realize the subsequent capacity expansion function, so as to meet the demand of continuous load growth in the future. When parallel, UPS does not need to add a parallel control card, and has the function of parallel capacity expansion up to 8, and multiple UPS can share the same set of batteries. In addition, delta NT series UPS integrates advanced power technology, with built-in dry contacts and RS-485, RS232 communication ports. SNMP cards and Ethernet cards can be selected, and real-time remote monitoring and network monitoring of power consumption in different areas of the library can be done. After testing, the transformed computer room control and distribution system can fully meet the current and future requirements of IT equipment power supply and distribution in the library

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in addition to the library of Beijing Second Foreign Languages University, delta also provides UPS for Jianghan University Library. In order to achieve a richer collection and faster retrieval, modern libraries need ups to ensure the stable operation of digital libraries. With the seamless capacity upgrade function, delta UPS has built an expandable digital library for campus dual digital display test equipment, which has become the mainstream equipment, and provides students with a library that will never close

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