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Recently, the efficient and reliable innovation of the national roadshow of delta automated display car has ended its magnificent and passionate trip to the northeast and has come to South China. At present, it has passed Fuding, Fuzhou, Xianyou, Quangang, Hui'an, Huinan, Luojiang, Fuqiao, Shishi, Nan'an, Anhai, Shuitou, Longyan, Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Shantou, Huizhou Nearly 20 cities and counties, including Shenzhen, caused a wide sensation wherever they went. Thousands of engineers boarded the car to watch the exhibition and shared the highlights of delta automation. It is reported that in the next month, Delta will enter the important industrial towns in South China, such as Dongguan, Guangzhou, Foshan, Shunde, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Sanshui, Guilin, Liuzhou and Nanning

as a leading brand in the automation industry and the pride of Chinese, delta group is based on research and development, continuous innovation, and gradually improve its product line to provide customers with cost-effective overall solutions. The national roadshow was carried out in the form of display cars, which gave full play to the flexible and convenient characteristics of display cars. They were driven into universities, large enterprises and factories, and sent an automated feast cooked by delta to customers, school teachers and students and industry experts. Although the display car is small, it has all kinds of internal organs. New products such as high-power frequency converter, motion control axle card, series multi-function driver, machine vision controller, dvp-10mc bus motion control host, B series super man-machine, GMC control demonstration system, industrial network demonstration system and mature and reliable factory network information technology have enabled more and more industrial control colleagues to have a deeper understanding of delta's development and products

on the scene of the technical exchange meeting, not only front-line customers experienced the efficient, reliable and innovative Delta Automation from zero distance, but also local dealers were greatly impressed by this activity. Innovative exhibition cars, leading exhibits and satisfied customers. A dealer boss in Shenzhen, such as dianla of our company, said happily that his customers in the textile industry and packaging industry were deeply impressed by Delta's exhibits and Exhibition cars. The display cars adopted by delta are integrated with deeply integrated application solutions, leading and Applicable Innovative products and professional and unique industrial control technology, and customers feel very shocked and fresh. Customers enter the exhibition car with exquisite decoration and spacious. After 3 to 5 years of tracking technical services for domestic influential domestic testing instruments from R & D and design to implementation and utilization, they go (3) upstream raw material wood pulp has entered the world of delta automation

open, zero distance interaction, sincere service, we will continue to launch customized products. Zhongda Diantong not only brought this magnificent exhibition car to dealers and front-line customers, but also prepared a special exchange meeting for customers. The dealer partners who assisted in holding the exchange meeting also benefited a lot from this event. Zhongda Diantong has carefully prepared the technical content of facing the industry and market, and the personalized solution has been affirmed and recognized by many well-known enterprise groups across the country. An auto parts enterprise in Fuzhou even asked the exhibition car to stay in the enterprise for an extra day, while a number of high-tech industrial parks in Xiamen specially organized enterprises in the area to collectively visit the exhibition car and have in-depth exchanges with delta experts

innovative exhibition Car + special exchange Delta Automation's consistent real power has received a warm response in the hot summer of 2011, especially the local dealer partners. Looking forward to the future, further cooperation has been opened through this broad door, presenting an incomparably brilliant light of automation

the factory network monitoring system, which reflects the integration of delta's whole system and the application of high-end network communication, soon attracted the attention of guests.

the engineer was answering the questions of delta's frequency converter in detail for visitors.

the outdoor temperature was as high as 35 degrees, and the special technical exchange meeting in the exhibition car was also hot. The serious and professional explanation of experts attracted many customers and dealers

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