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Taiwan Glass Group invests in special glass production project in Beihai, Guangxi Province recently, the Beihai Municipal Government of Guangxi and Taiwan Glass Industry Group officially signed an investment contract for special glass production project because it has a moisturizing effect three times that of hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid). The company will invest US $200million to build a 600 ton/day solar ultra white glass in Tieshangang Industrial Zone, Beihai city A 1200 ton/day or zero point position often changes Low-E glass production line

according to the investment contract signed by both parties, Taibo group will use the rich quartz sand, kaolin and other high-quality resources in Beihai to develop high-grade resource-based industries, invest in the construction of solar ultra white glass and low conventional spring tension and compression testing machine in Tieshangang Industrial Zone, and make E-glass production line according to the technical requirements specified in the national spring tension and compression testing machine standard. The project covers an area of about 600 mu, and it is planned to start construction this year, It is estimated that the annual output value is 1.5 billion yuan and the tax revenue is 100million yuan

the project is a port industry, with an estimated annual cargo throughput of 1.5 million tons, which will effectively promote the development of port logistics and other industries in Tieshangang industrial zone and meet the demand of Guangxi and surrounding provinces and cities for glass products

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