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Diversified services of home shopping malls are hot, and it is a trend to follow the lifestyle route

diversified services of home shopping malls are hot, and it is a trend to follow the lifestyle route

July 19, 2016

[China paint information] has successively visited many home shopping malls, decoration companies and brand stores in Beijing. Based on our personal experience, the "form" and "content" of today's home store are changing: home shopping malls accommodate more and more other formats, full of life; Home decoration company takes high-quality model room as the core, and pays more attention to providing lifestyle; And the brand stores make efforts in marketing methods, so that consumers prefer shopping. In general, home stores are becoming more and more daily life, and the transmission device of universal experimental machine is an indispensable part of consumers' daily life

stores with stylish decoration and elegant environment can not only attract consumers' attention, but also bring some home inspiration to consumers

stores: you can always buy something else except furniture.

going to the home shopping mall is to buy furniture and building materials. This concept needs to be changed. Nowadays, large home shopping malls are no longer "dedicated" to the brand of furniture and building materials in terms of investment invitation, and relevant home appliances such as home appliances and it is reported that soft decoration have already been included, and even more and more "irrelevant" business formats have been integrated into them. For consumers, home shopping malls are "more interesting" and more rewarding than department stores

at present, the unexpectedly home Lize store includes Ankang imported food supermarket, Fukang elderly care products experience center, electrical appliance house, wenwantianxia and other business forms. Consumers can learn about the most advanced electrical appliances in the world, experience and observe the most kinds of elderly care products introduced in China, and also buy imported food and organic vegetables to cook at home. In the future, food, children's training, elderly care, housekeeping services, cinemas, Italian design center, Yanjing painting and calligraphy agency and other formats will be added. Consumers can come to the store for a variety of reasons, and the home shopping mall will be full of popularity and "care" for home

similar changes also occurred in red star Macalline, Jimei home dahongmen store, etc. Taking the Chaoyang Road shopping mall of Red Star Macalline as an example, catering, children's travel, using box type resistance furnaces for experimental music and other business forms have also developed relatively well, and many surrounding residents "come here with admiration"; In June this year, Jimei home furnishing dahongmen store cooperated with BYD to open a new energy vehicle experience store, and also built hundreds of charging piles in the shopping mall parking lot, providing convenience to the surrounding residents. There are more and more reasons for consumers to come to home shopping malls, which has increased the popularity of shopping malls and interacted with the management of furniture and building materials, making the home shopping malls that were originally decorated to be visited more lively

decoration: experience more life scenes

in the past two years, Internet has begun to "invade" the decoration industry, and the consumption concept of consumers, especially young people, is also changing. Unlike traditional consumers who value decoration materials, consumers pay more and more attention to decoration effect and design level. Decoration companies also strive to change to meet the changes in consumer tastes

recently visited Vanke chain home decoration and living hall. Although the store area is small, it is almost all displayed in model rooms. According to the introduction, the model room displayed was designed by the company's "Daniel" designer, and the most popular configurations were selected for color, furniture, soft decoration, etc. the whole space is simple and fashionable. There is no display area for accessories and main materials in the store, and consumers don't have to choose each product in person. More consumers are moved by the detailed design, such as the design of small night lights, the USB charging plug at the head of the bed, the porch cabinet and wardrobe with powerful storage functions... These designs are easy to impress consumers from their "pain points"

offline experience of home decoration products is also particularly important. Some home decoration companies have also begun to follow the big store model, using several floors of shopping malls and commercial buildings as stores, and some even set up experience pavilions in a single small building. In addition to opening the store, the decoration company integrates the industrial chain and takes advantage of the unique advantages of home decoration to provide one-stop services to consumers from main materials to foundation construction, from furniture to soft decoration accessories. In the ruibowen Rongfa decoration store visited, there are all kinds of main and auxiliary materials, and even outdoor decorative stones have a special display area. These "unexpected" places also add points to the store

store trend

pipe ring stiffness experimental machine detailed introduction to brand marketing selling furniture and doing variety shows

in the process of visiting home stores and decorating stores, I also felt the changes in home brand marketing methods. Discount, lottery and full consumption reduction are also the marketing methods valued by brands and stores at present, but the forms have also begun to diversify, and many consumers even come to shopping malls for activities

associating with music and stars is a major selling point of home store marketing. Some set up different forms of complimentary ticket activities for consumers by providing concert tickets; Others invite stars to the scene. For example, brand spokesmen patronize brand stores, which not only improves brand awareness, but also brings popularity to stores, and has become a marketing method strongly supported by store managers. In addition, health lectures, fashion shows and folk performances are all held in stores, making shopping more interesting

store decoration is becoming more and more exquisite

nowadays, both home stores and brand stores are located in convenient locations. Consumers do not have too many requirements for the location of stores, but increasingly care about the atmosphere and refinement. Many consumers do not enter the store for shopping, but also hope that the store furnishings and decoration style can provide some home inspiration. Only stores with stylish decoration and elegant environment can attract the attention of consumers

in this regard, home stores and brand stores are also constantly adjusting. Many businesses will arrange products related to the main selling brands to create an atmosphere of becoming a monk. For example, lighting stores also have furniture and soft decoration matching sales, and decorated stores can also act as agents for furniture accessories. The exquisite store reflects the home taste of the salesperson and is also the key to impress consumers

I believe that "big stores" do not deceive customers

many years ago, many consumers thought that decoration was "tricky" and many consumers preferred to go to the building materials market to "shop for goods", which was both affordable and understood the market. Now, the channel control ability of big brand stores has been strengthened, and the strength to provide high-quality products and preferential prices has become stronger and stronger. More and more people begin to choose brand stores in hypermarkets, and consumers have a higher degree of trust in hypermarkets. In addition, independent flagship stores have also become another first choice for consumers, and the influence of brands has occupied an increasing weight in the minds of consumers. The service ability of hypermarkets and brand stores is also improving. Paying compensation in advance and returning and changing goods without reason have gradually become the service standards recognized by the industry, making it easier for consumers to trust the quality and service of "big stores"

store service has improved.

in the process of shopping, I found that the quality of store service personnel is also gradually improving. The staff are well dressed and polite, and are familiar with the nature of the product and the after-sales process. The honest and guaranteed service gives consumers more confidence. Unlike the usual "Mom and pop store", the clerk is more professional

in addition, the after-sales service of the store has been improved. Many shop assistants actively face and solve after-sales problems, provide clear solutions, and also enhance the user popularity of the brand

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