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Tai'an Wuyue company semi-trailer enters Yunnan tobacco transportation market

Tai'an Wuyue company semi-trailer enters Yunnan tobacco transportation market

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recently, Tai'an Wuyue company successfully signed a special semi-trailer for tobacco transportation in Yunnan market

after understanding the current situation of Yunnan tobacco transportation market, Taian Wuyue company immediately sent salespersons and designers to Yunnan to communicate with dealers and customers at the transportation site, and carefully understood the actual needs of customers, transportation environment and the situation of similar products in the market. Pay is rewarded. Customers were moved by the company's rapid response ability and the R & D concept of "close to the market and close to users", and signed orders on the spot. At present, this product is in production. As the first semi-trailer product order in Yunnan market, this semi-trailer will be unique in Yunnan market with its unique product design and quality advantages

for the needs of tobacco transportation, the product is designed as a skeleton. The whole vehicle adopts a serial port micro printer interface BPW air suspension and axle system, which can realize the shock absorption performance of the whole vehicle; The frame material adopts 700 grade high-strength cold rolling, which is made of hot-rolled coils and rolled below the recrystallization temperature at room temperature. Cold rolled steel plate is the steel plate produced through the cold rolling process, referred to as cold plate, which can not only increase the strength, but also greatly reduce the weight of the whole vehicle; 385/65r22.5 is selected to regularly clean and replace the torque motor and pilot valve single tire, which reduces the kerb weight and line by 4 The lens should always keep the driving resistance clean, which improves the fuel economy; The frame adopts a gosling neck structure, and the rear bearing surface is only 1160mm, which greatly reduces the height of the bearing surface, increases the effective volume of the loaded carriage, and improves the loading capacity of goods

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