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TEDA Zhang xunhai won the 2012 automation "operation and management" award

on January 22, in the 11th Annual automation selection and award ceremony hosted by China industrial control, TEDA won three major awards for innovative products, operation and management and hot spots, and returned home with a full load. At the time of leaving the old and welcoming the new, Delta has become a celebrity on the major selection lists, and good news has spread frequently. On January 22, at the 11th annual selection and award ceremony of automation hosted by China industrial control, delta won three major awards for innovative products, business management and hot spots, and returned home with a full load

201 introduction and examples of pressure testing machine the automation industry has been weak in the past two years. Delta sized up the situation and adjusted its development strategy in time. While consolidating the medium and low-end market, it also began to enter the medium and high-end market. It not only expanded its product line, but also significantly improved the performance of existing models. At the same time, delta launched smarter Greener. Together. - Create the brand spirit of smart green life together, provide customized energy management services for customers through its products and technologies in the field of energy management, and successfully build efficient and reliable solutions including industrial automation integrated solutions, data center and power supply and distribution integrated solutions, display and monitoring system solutions, intelligent building management systems, etc., marking that Delta has completed the transformation from ODM manufacturers to brands. Therefore, the General Assembly awarded Mr. Zhang xunhai, general manager of Delta Electromechanical business group, the operation and Management Award, in recognition of Mr. Zhang's leadership of Delta Electromechanical business group against the trend and the outstanding performance of delta brand in the field of global automation

Mr. Zhang xunhai, senior vice president of Delta Electronics and general manager of the electromechanical business group, won the operation and management award

the delta ah500 series medium-sized PLC, which won the innovative product award this time, is a representative product that enables delta to enter the high-end application field. Ah500 is a rising star in the field of medium-sized PLC, but it has many innovations and late development advantages. In particular, it has attracted the attention of users due to its full consideration of the actual situation of domestic applications. It can quickly combine delta inverter, servo motor, man-machine interface, visual system and temperature controller to achieve the best solution for the integration of high-end systems, and meet the different application needs of high-end customers for medium-sized PLC. In just a few months since its listing, it has won high praise from users with its outstanding comprehensive strength

Delta ah500 series medium-sized PLC won the innovative product award, and Zhai Liwen (first from the right) received the award

in the past year, the road show activities of Delta Innovation and new future delta automated display car were deep, and the leakage tracking index (CTI) was as high as 400V, entering the second and third tier cities, and had a feast of new and old customers, colleagues, teachers and students to exchange technology and display new automated products one after another. Delta's comprehensive, timely and in-depth coverage of this event has a far-reaching impact in the industry, and it is also the hope of the public to accept social supervision

2012, all the honors gained are the affirmation of delta's efforts in the past year. Honor is a new starting point and carries greater. At the beginning of the new year, Delta will rely on more advanced technology and concepts to continue to help the development and growth of China's industrial automation, especially when unloading

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