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Taicang Zhongbo Pilkington is about to launch a new high-tech product

special glass for solar cell module packaging. At present, it has been pilot produced in Taicang Zhongbo Pilkington special glass Co., Ltd. and is expected to be officially sold in September. This year's sales are expected to exceed 100million yuan

new materials have a wide range of uses. Taicang Zhongbo Pilkington special glass Co., Ltd. was established in October, 2006, jointly invested and established by Pilkington Group Co., Ltd. and China Glass Holdings Co., Ltd. Pilkington group is one of the three largest glass manufacturers in the world, the inventor of float glass production technology, and the leader of global high-end glass manufacturing technology. With advanced technical team and mature management experience, Pilkington group enjoys a high reputation in the international market; China Glass Holding Co., Ltd. has nearly 50 years of industry production experience, and has 16 glass production lines in Jiangsu, Shandong, Shaanxi, Beijing, Inner Mongolia and other places, of which one third of its products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions around the world. It is China's most influential flat glass exporter who has made a high evaluation of our testing machine

Taicang Zhongbo Pilkington special glass Co., Ltd. has a total investment of US $41.75 million and a registered capital of US $16.7 million. After nearly 17 months of preparation, a modern chemical plant with a construction area of 43000 square meters has stood in Ludu Town, and was successfully ignited on April 23 this year

China Glass Pilkington company has created a leading special glass production line for solar cell module packaging in China, which is currently the largest and highest level special glass production line in China. The total investment of this production line is 4. RMB 500million, using the latest technology of glass melting and forming, and supporting the construction of the world's largest tempering line to ensure the production of high-quality solar glass. After the first phase of the project is put into operation, the annual output of special glass for solar cell module packaging will reach 70000 tons, and the annual sales volume will reach 500million yuan

it is reported that this special glass has high strength, high purity and high light transmittance. It is one of the irreplaceable products in solar cell modules and has a high scientific and technological content. At present, China is vigorously developing the shortage of solar charging piles (stations), and the Yangtze River Delta has gathered 70% of China's solar energy production enterprises. Therefore, the market prospect of this product is very good

China Glass Pilkington phase II project is proposed to invest 4. 600million yuan was used to add one solar glass production line and four coating lines, and increase the coating process to improve the light transmittance of solar glass. Subsequently, Taiyuan acquired one factory of alloy in Richmond and two factories in Texas

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