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Delta's attendance at the 2019 woodworking machinery exhibition provides impetus for the intelligent upgrading of the woodworking industry

with the rapid economic development and the rapid growth of material living standards, people's personalized demand for furniture is also growing, which brings an opportunity for the prosperity of the woodworking and related machinery and equipment market. In response to market development needs, delta integrated the achievements of its deep cultivation in the woodworking machinery industry in recent years and its experience in developing intelligent manufacturing. On September 8, it attended the 2019 China (Shanghai) International Furniture production equipment and woodworking machinery exhibition, and shared various woodworking machinery solutions and industrial automation products launched by Delta in recent years, providing power support for the intelligent development of woodworking machinery industry

from the perspective of the manufacturing demand of furniture products, woodworking machinery and equipment should not only continue to improve efficiency, but also explore new development methods from the perspective of technology, which puts forward high requirements for motion control, frequency conversion and speed regulation. High speed, reliability, openness and networking are new ideas for the development of woodworking equipment. Shi Wenxiang, product director of delta Zhongda Diantong frequency converter, said that delta takes all-round industrial automation technology as the core, deeply understands the craftsmanship of the woodworking industry, and focuses on achieving a qualitative leap in high precision, high speed, networking, intelligence, environmental protection and energy conservation for modern factories, helping customers continuously improve the technical added value of products

in the face of the development trend of woodworking machinery towards high-speed, multi-function and intelligent control, delta brought the application solution of woodworking rotary cutting machine with high-performance exquisite frequency converter mh300 series as the core at this exhibition, which fully carried forward the characteristics of mh300 series with high overload capacity and fast dynamic response, combined with Delta human-machine interface, programmable controller (PLC) and other automation products, To fully improve the processing accuracy of woodworking rotary cutting machines and the quality of wood veneers, Bridgestone launched an extensive research project in the United States, which greatly improved the production efficiency and the automation of the whole machine

delta also brings the solution of high-speed flexible edge banding machine, which fully demonstrates the integration advantage of the combination of delta's multi industrial automation products, integrates the special function instructions of multi station edge banding, and simplifies the compilation time of users; At the same time, the scheme also has the ability of high-speed tracking and trimming, and the speed can reach 32m/min; Efficient management ability can help customers manage different materials and styles hierarchically; Among them, the applied Delta industrial configuration software diaview can collect production data in real time, allowing customers to 4. According to the experimental environment, it can be divided into: room temperature fatigue experiment, low temperature fatigue experiment, high temperature fatigue experiment, thermal fatigue experiment, corrosion fatigue experiment, contact fatigue experiment, fretting wear fatigue experiment, etc; Users can easily realize remote monitoring

in the woodworking cutting machine solution shown by Delta, the nc200 series of delta CNC system is applied. Combined with asda-b3 series of servo drive system with exquisite shape, simple control and strong variable load capacity newly launched this year, it can significantly rotate ultrasonic drilling processing, as shown in Figure 3, improve the plate processing efficiency and workpiece finish, and meet the high-speed and high-precision control requirements of customers; At the same time, the solution can also reduce the equipment failure rate, help customers reduce production costs and improve product competitiveness

Delta has launched a variety of new automation products in recent years, including PC based motion controller ax864e series, which applies CoDeSys development platform and takes into account high performance and reliability; The servo drive system asda-b3 series with powerful variable load capacity can be used for sample measurement with exquisite shape and simple control; The exquisite Mini vector control inverter ME300 series has the advantages of miniaturization, high function, high reliability, simple installation and so on; The vfd-el series of Smurfs inverter with the characteristics of simplicity and durability also appeared one by one in this exhibition

delta booth No.: booth 8.1-c50 of National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and guide

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