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Hunan corrugated board production line distribution statistics

Hunan Province is located in the middle of China, and its GDP ranks tenth in the country. However, from the perspective of corrugated packaging industry, Hunan is a place with extremely uneven development. Throughout the province, the production of corrugated board in Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan, Yueyang and Changde regions is large, but few in other regions, showing the imbalance of economic development in the province

according to the detailed statistics of a leading person in the packaging industry, as of November 2017, Hunan Province had 127 production lines (including 7 seven story lines), 24 jiankeng lines (not counted in Liuyang City), 4 honeycomb lines and 4 preprint lines

I. Changsha City:

Changsha governs Yuelu District, Furong district, Tianxin District, Kaifu District, Yuhua District, Wangcheng District, Liuyang City, Changsha County and Ningxiang City, with a total population of 6.64 million. Packaging production lines are mainly concentrated in Changsha County, Kaifu District, Liuyang City and Ningxiang city around Changsha. At present, there are 54 production lines, 9 jiankeng lines (jiankeng lines are not counted in Liuyang area), and 3 honeycomb lines. It has realized the accurate positioning of the notch of the impact specimen of the welded joint

1. There are 14 production lines around the District of Changsha, and one pit is seen: one 1.80 meter seven layer line of Xingsha packaging (Jingshan); Kangle packaging (GCL) 2.00m 1 piece; Lyon packaging (paperboard) (Fuli) 2 pieces at 1.80 meters and 1 piece at 1.40 meters; Orchard packaging (cardboard) 1.80 meters 1 piece; Longfa packaging (paperboard) (Jingshan) 1 piece of 2.50 meters, (Jingshan) 1 piece of 2.20 meters see pit: Zhonghe packaging 1 piece of 1.60 meters line; Wangcheng Yunfa (Jingshan) 1.80 meter line; Wangcheng Huateng (Fuli) 1.80 meter line; Wangcheng Jinma (Jingshan) 1.60 meter line; Wangcheng Wangwang (Jingshan) 1.80m line, 1.60m line; Road packaging (Fuli) 1 2.00m line; In addition, leyong production line will be relocated to Ansha

2. There are 32 Liuyang production lines (it is estimated that there are more) and several pits: 1 jinfenglin BHS line of 2.20 meters; Li Zhen packaging (Xiexi) 1 2.20 meter line, 1 honeycomb paperboard production line; Jindeli (Jingshan) 1.80 meters; Xinliang packaging (Xiangyi) 1 piece at 2.50 meters, (yongjinda) 1.80 meters: Meimei (Hebei) 1.80 meters; Strong Eagle (xiexu) 2.20 meters 1; Yangjia (Zhaoqing) 1.80 meters 1; Tianying (Jingshan) 1.80 meters 2; Jinxin (Jingshan) 1.80m, 2 pits; Jialong (Hebei) 1.80 meters long, (Jingshan) 2.20 meters long; Hengxin (Jingshan) 1.60m; Huiming (Jingshan) 1.80 meters long; Huizong (Jingshan) 1.80 meters, jinggou (Hebei) 2; 1 Hengyuan; Zhiming 1; Wangfa (Jingshan) 1.80 meters, see Pit 1; 1 piece of Jinhong Xiangyi; Liuyang Jucheng Jingshan 1 promotes the transformation and upgrading of EPS materials in China One 80 meter long; Liuyang Fengtai Qingdao Huachi 1.80 meters, Jingshan 1.80 meters; Liuyang zhentou Handan 1.80 meters long; Liuyang bode Handan 1.80 meters long; Liuyang Songshan paper products factory has 2 honeycomb production lines; Other 5

3. 8 pits in Ningxiang: 1 Jinmei Changsha Mingwei 2.50 line, 1 (Rugao) 1.80 meter, 1 pit and 1 preprint; Hengyuan packaging (yongjinda) 1 2.50 line, (Jingshan) 1.80 meter line (acquired by Changsha Jinmei); Hunan color printing Wanlian 1.80 meter line and jiankeng 1; Hengshi Xingxing packing 1.80 meter line, see Pit 1; Longyu pack 1.80m line, 4 pits; One Wuqiang dream 1.60 meter line and one pit; After the completion of the 150 mu Economic Development Zone in Meiying Senning Township and the 100 mu Jinyu Industrial Park in Yinfeng Weiye Ningxiang Township, the number of tile lines in this area will increase significantly

II. Zhuzhou City:

Zhuzhou governs Tianyuan District, Hetang District, Lusong District, Shifeng District, Liling City, Zhuzhou County, you County, Chaling County, Yanling County, with a total population of 3.98 million. The packaging production lines are mainly concentrated in the surrounding districts of Zhuzhou City and Liling City. At present, there are 9 production lines and 1 honeycomb line: Ruimei packaging (GCL) 1.80 meter seven floor; Liling Fuxin (Jingshan) 1 2.00m line; Xiang harmonic packaging (cardboard) Jingshan 1.80 meter line 1; Liling Qunle (Jingshan) 1.80 meter line; Liling Senda 1.80m line, 1 honeycomb line; Lu Yuan (Jingshan) 1.8 meters 1; Xingfa (Jingshan) 1.8 meters long; Ronghua (Jingshan) 1.6 meters long; Guoda 1.6 meters 1

III. Hengyang City:

Hengyang governs Yanfeng District, Zhuhui District, shigu District, Zhengxiang District, Nanyue District, Changning City, Leiyang City, Hengyang County, Hengnan County, Hengshan County, Hengdong County, Qidong County, with a total population of 7.85 million. Hengyang mainly focuses on tourism and agriculture, and there are relatively few production lines. It is mainly around Hengyang City, with a total of 6 production lines: Hengyang Jinkun Baotu 2.20, 1 seventh floor line, (Jingshan) 1.80 meter line; Qidong Meineng (Jingshan) 1.80 meter seven story line; Jinhong packaging (Jingshan) 1.80 meter seven layer line; Hengyang industry Meijing mountain, 1.60 meters, 2

IV. Shaoyang City:

Shaoyang governs Shuangqing District, Daxiang district, Beita District, Wugang City, Shaodong county, Shaoyang County, Xinshao County, longhui County, Dongkou County, Suining County, Xinning County, Chengbu Miao Autonomous County, with a total population of 8.05 million. Shaoyang is an agricultural and tourism city, with relatively few production lines. There are only 5 production lines, including 1 pit: 1 Jinmei Shaoyang (Jingshan) 1.80 line, (Jingshan) 1.60 meter line, and 1 pit; Li Wen packaging (Jingshan) 1.80 meter line; Shaodong Rongchang (Jingshan) 1.80 meter line; Pinghua packaging (Jingshan) 1.8m 1 piece

no oil flows out of the oil return pipe v. Yueyang City:

Yueyang governs Yueyanglou District, Junshan District, Yunxi District, Miluo City, Linxiang City, Yueyang County, Huarong County, Xiangyin County and Pingjiang County, with a total population of 5.53 million. The production lines are mainly concentrated in Yueyang County and Pingjiang County, with a total of 16 production lines, including 1 jiankeng: 1 Jinmei Pingjiang Wanlian 2.80 meters, 1 jiankeng; Pingjiang Xiangnan packaging (Jingshan) 1.80 meter line; Pingjiang Tianjian packaging (Hebei) 1.80 meter line; Miluo founder packaging 1 2.20 meter line, (Jingshan) 1.60 meter line; Yueyang Xinpeng packaging Wanlian 1.80 meter wire; Yueyang Jinnuo packaging Wanlian 1.80 meter wire; Yueyang Pengcheng packaging (Fuli) 1.80 meter line; Yueyang Hubin packaging (Jingshan) 1.80 meter line; Yueyangli is an important reference index for quality control and utilization design. Hua (Wanlian) has a 2.20-meter seven story line; Linxiang jinxinlong 1.80 meter line, 1 preprint; Yueyang Yatai (Jingshan) 1 2.00m line and 1 preprint; Yueyang 3517 factory 1.60m wire; Yueyang Huashun 1; Yueyang Jincheng (Jingshan) 1.80 meter line; Yueyang Dafeng 1.80 meter line

VI. Changde City:

Changde governs Wuling District, Dingcheng District, Jinshi City, Anxiang County, Hanshou County, Li County, linli County, Taoyuan County, Shimen County, with a total population of 6.05 million. The production lines are mainly concentrated in Dingcheng District, Li county and Tianjin city, with a total of 21 production lines and 7 see pits: one 2.50 meter line and one 1.8 meter line of Tianjin renhesheng (cardboard) Xieyang; Tianjin Xinlu (Hengtian ninth five year plan) 2 1.80 meter lines; West Dongting Dashun packaging (Jingshan) 1.80 meter line; West Dongting Xinsheng packing 1.60m wire; West Dongting founder packaging (Jingshan) 1.60m line and 1 pit; West Dongting JIEHAO color printing 1.60m line and 1 pit; Changde xinshunjie packed 1.80 meter wire; Changde Jinliyuan packaging 1.60m wire; Changde Danone 1.60m wire; Changde jinfurong (Jingshan) 1.80 meter line; Changde Dongjiang Laotang 2.00m seven story line; Taoyuan wenzhitong (Hengtian ninth five year plan) 1.80 meter line; Linli Antai (Jingshan) 1.80 meter line; Lixian Yunda (Wanlian) 1.80m line, 1.60m line and 2 jiankeng lines; Lixian Taiyi (Jingshan) 1 2.20 meter line, 1 1.60 meter line, and 1 jiankeng line; One 1.80m line and one jiankeng line in Ningkai Hebei of Li county; Anxiang Zhongyi (Korean old line) 1 2.20 meter line; Shunxiang (Wanlian) 1.8 meters long; Renhesheng xinjingshan line 2.50 is under construction

VII. Yiyang City:

Yiyang governs Heshan District, Ziyang District, Yuanjiang City, Nan county, Taojiang County and Anhua County, with a total population of 5.43 million. There are few production lines, mainly in Heshan District, with 2 production lines and 5 in jiankeng: 1 Xiangfen packaging (Jingshan) 2.20 meter line; HUAFA packaging (paperboard) (xiehelong) 1.80m line and 2 pits; See 2 pits for taohualun packaging; Ruyi sees a pit

VIII. Chenzhou City:

Chenzhou governs Beihu District, Suxian District, Zixing City, Guiyang County, Yongxing County, Yizhang County, Jiahe County, Linwu County, Rucheng County, Guidong County, Anren County, with a total population of 5.08 million. There are few production lines, only 5 production lines: 1 1.80m line and 1.60m line for Qiangfeng packaging; Baijieli packaging (Fuli) 1 2.20 meter fake seven layer line; Zhencheng packaging (Jingshan) 1.80 meter wire; One is positive

IX. Yongzhou City:

Yongzhou governs Lengshuitan District, Lingling District, Dong'an County, Dao County, Ningyuan County, Jiangyong County, Lanshan County, Xintian County, Shuangpai County, Qiyang County, Jianghua Yao Autonomous County, with a total population of 6.22 million. There are relatively few production lines, only 5 production lines, one of which is found in the pit: one Nanling Chemical Fuli 1.80m line; Xingtai packaging tobacco factory (Jingshan) 1.80 meter line; Pentium packaging (Jingshan) 1.80 meter line, (Jingshan) 2.20 meter line, see Pit 1; Derun packaging (xiexu) 1 2.00m wire

X. Huaihua City:

Huaihua governs Hecheng District, Hongjiang City, Yuanling County, Chenxi County, Xupu County, Zhongfang County, Huitong County, Mayang Miao Autonomous County, Xinhuang Dong Autonomous County, Zhijiang Dong Autonomous County, Jingzhou Miao and Dong Autonomous County, Tongdao Dong Autonomous County, with a total population of 5.18 million. At present, there are only two production lines: Huaihua Huahong (yongjinda) 2.00m seven story line; Evergrande (Hengtian ninth five year plan) 1.80 five story line; Xinhuang self-improvement (temporarily unavailable, under preparation)

11. Loudi City:

Loudi governs Louxing District, Lengshuijiang City, Lianyuan City, Shuangfeng County and Xinhua County, with a total population of 4.39 million. At present, there are only two production lines: one 1.60m production line of Loudi Zhongwei; Lengshuijiang 1.60m production line

12. Xiangtan City, Zhangjiajie City, Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture:

Xiangtan governs Yuetang District, Yuhu District, Xiangxiang City, Shaoshan City, and Xiangtan County, with a total population of 2.9 million; Zhangjiajie: it governs Yongding District, Wulingyuan District, Cili County and Sangzhi County, with a total population of 1.71 million; Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture: it governs Jishou City, Luxi County, Fenghuang County, Huayuan County, Baojing County, Guzhang County, Yongshun County and Longshan County, with a total population of 2.94 million. At present, Xiangtan City, Zhangjiajie City and Xiangxi Prefecture have no production lines for the time being, but after the completion of the 93 Mu new project of Dongguan Huali Xiangtan, it is expected to rewrite history

ZTE generals, Shijiu Huxiang; Worry about the world and dare to be the first. The land of Hunan, nourished by Xiao, Xiang, yuan, capital, etc., coupled with the arrogant spirit of Hunan people who are hard-working and impatient, has a very broad space for development in the future. This is indeed a blessing for Guangdong, where there is an extreme surplus of tile lines

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