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The process of metal container packaging and printing is diversified

the metal packaging market is rich and colorful. On the one hand, it is the traditional packaging containers, and more importantly, it is the vitality brought by its continuous progress in product value and product manufacturing technology. A better enterprise has developed from mainly producing food cans, candy cans, biscuit cans and industrial containers to manufacturing high-performance containers, such as spray cans, beverage cans, cosmetics, and even leading market trend packaging containers for perfume packaging. At the same time, exquisite and beautiful metal covers have created business opportunities in metal and non-metal packaging, and pose a threat to traditional packaging methods

what drives the vitality of the current metal packaging market is the beauty, convenience, value and performance of products. The environmental protection of packaging materials has increasingly become the focus of attention, which requires designers and manufacturers to meet market requirements with new technologies

I. diversification of materials

iron and aluminum as packaging materials have well-known advantages, but compared with new materials, such as plastic and composite materials, metal materials are inferior in appearance. With the excess capacity, the strength, integrity and pressure resistance of metal materials are not a problem, but the diversity of modern packaging materials attracts the attention of designers and salesmen. The competition in the beverage market is fierce. But still the largest is the metal packaging users. For Britain, about seven or eight billion cans were used last year. The role of brand is very important here. People have used various means to attract the attention of consumers. Install the machine head on the supermarket shelf in the following order. We can see many well-known brands, which are packaged in cans with concave convex feeling, beautiful appearance and exquisite printing. Familiar brands such as stelle Artois, carling, catlsbeg and Heineken seize the opportunity to improve their packaging image through technological progress.

globally, advanced forming technology has created opportunities for the diversification of packaging shapes. The use of shaped cans is not limited to beverage packaging, but also used in the health drinks and beauty products markets. In this regard, appearance impression and quality impression are equally important, so there are artistic modeling, decorative aerosol cans begin to appear, and multi-channel necking technology is used to form the top and bottom of cans and arbitrary shape of cans

second, the progress of printing technology

the continuous demand for appearance impression and brand differentiation encourages the use of new printing technology and more color printing technology. The most noteworthy is the use of hexachrome system, which uses six colors to meet the needs of chromatography, combined with the precise printing plate making process, so that the quality of metal printing can be greatly improved, such as aerosol cans, paint cans, beverage cans are using this new technology

at the end of the 1990s, Pantone in the United States, visu in the Netherlands, LTG in the United Kingdom, b+k in Germany, greo in Canada, xpose in Switzerland and others have successively developed high-definition, high-level image reproduction effects and high fidelity color printing technology to expand the range of color gamut. This technology is a color printing reproduction technology until they break and are highly realistic with the original, which is called the fourth generation printing technology. The core of the fourth generation printing technology is the use of the latest achievements of computer information and image processing, and the appropriate use of modern ink technology to achieve high-definition and wide color gamut high fidelity printing iron. Generally, when the AM is above 200lpi and the FM is 2540dpi, 2 × 2 the printing of the following points is called high definition printing. The 350 line point area is 175 line point area, and the adjustment speed of the lower beam: 120mm/min; It is obvious that finer points can more clearly express the details in the image, thus greatly improving the visual clarity

in China, with the joint efforts of Beijing jiayitianshi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and many technical experts, this high-end and excellent printing technology developed a mature set of technical products in 2002, which was unanimously signed by experts from China printing and equipment industry association, China Printing Technology Association and the printing product quality supervision and Testing Center of the General Administration of publishing. This technology makes the two problems that the characteristics of the recording manuscript in the traditional printing are different and the four-color color space is much smaller than the color space of the reflected light of the scene unified in the high fidelity printing technology. Because the color separation technology of high fidelity printing perceives the color brightness visually and regulates the neutral gray component of printing; By expanding the color space of printing and mapping the perceived color saturation, the effect of printing image is closer to the observation effect of the actual scene. From this effect, high fidelity printing technology is the symbol of a new era in the history of printing technology development; This technology will surely promote the development and application of exquisite printing, personalized color printing and color anti-counterfeiting printing

in May 2003, Hangzhou COFCO Meite container Co., Ltd. signed a contract to apply the technology of the project, and began to enter the technical application stage in July of the same year. The production and application passed the expert acceptance in August, and passed the ministerial appraisal in December. The expert appraisal committee unanimously passed the appraisal of "high definition and high fidelity technology and products" of Hangzhou COFCO Meite container Co., Ltd. The use of high fidelity color printing technology and high-definition printing technology in iron printing container products has greatly improved product quality and increased profit growth. According to the calculation of the company, due to the adoption of the above technology in the production of iron printing containers, the company plans to create a profit of 16million yuan in three years

based on the traditional iron printing process, this high-definition, wide color gamut, high fidelity iron printing technology and products make full use of the latest computer image processing technology, color accurate measurement and control technology, printing process parameter optimization and adjustment technology, ink analysis and processing technology and other means to break through the traditional 175lpi four-color iron printing, to reach 350lpi ultra four-color high-definition wide color gamut iron printing, so that the printed image level is more delicate and richer, The colors are more bright and bright. It has taken an important step to promote China's traditional iron printing to modern digital iron printing and finally realize the technological high-speed production of four-color, six color and multi-color one-time continuous iron printing, and narrow the gap with foreign countries. Its high fidelity products are first popularized and applied in the high-end metal container market, boutique engineering and related industries, especially in the packaging of beverage cans, milk powder cans, miscellaneous food cans, moon cakes, chocolate, candy and paints, coatings, cosmetics, craft gift boxes and metal bottle caps with high decorative requirements

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