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Delta MCIS provides power protection for the simulator of the flight training center of India

Delta MCIS once again serves as the most trusted partner of customers, providing highly reliable uninterruptible power supply system (UPS) to the flight simulation technology center of India (FSTC) to provide power protection for the simulator of its training center. F3 4566.5 81012 14stc is located in Gurgaon, India, and is the leading professional aviation training center in India. FSTC provides more than onemillion hours of training for pilots, technicians and other professionals from all over India every year. The full motion simulator, which can be operated by students, has the virtual flight technology and can simulate the actual flight situation. Each simulator costs US $9.7 million. A national copper based new material processing engineering and technology center carried out experiments this year to detect that the 75KVA UPS system installed by the manufacturer in a simulator was seriously invalid, causing damage to this expensive machine

after carrying out load research, delta proposed ULTRON NT 260kva UPS solution for such a precision machine. The solution provided by delta is not a transformer free UPS, but a system with a transformer, which is suitable for loads such as flight simulators that often have continuous load extraction. This UPS was successfully installed in two simulators and operated smoothly. We are proud to say that delta ULTRON NT series UPS provides power source for these expensive and precise key equipment through repeated loading in different curve segments

delta UPS not only provides the highest degree of power protection for the simulator, but also helps to reduce the total cost of ownership of customers who plug and unplug the interface on the controller and must turn off the controller power. In order to avoid power failure after UPS failure of other brands, this simulator uses diesel generator as kinetic energy. After installing Delta ULTRON NT UPS, these simulators enjoy reliable and stable UPS system backup, thus significantly reducing capital expenditure

fstc plans to purchase four more simulators next year, and is currently discussing with delta to expand the scope of cooperation. It is a major breakthrough for delta ups to be adopted in this unique application field. We look forward to becoming a strong backing for the competitiveness of this key industry

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