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the research results of accessibility and service quality of the contact center of the Bank of Russia were published

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () on November 14 (compiled/Lao Qin): November 5, 2018 - Noda published the annual research results, this time about the accessibility and service quality of the contact center of the Bank of Russia

this noda2018 research project aims to test the accessibility and response quality of incoming calls from the contact center, covering the top 128 banks in the upper row of the Bank of Russia that opened the experimental interface. Call activities are performed by Gran, a professional outsourced call center on the Noda contact center platform. From September 4 to September 10, about 4000 test calls were made, with an average of 30 calls per bank

the results showed that the accessibility of the contact center decreased by 6% compared with last year. The number of calls processed in 20 seconds is reduced by 20%. At the same time, the success rate of solving problems is still very high, reaching 96%, of which 84% of the problems are solved after the first call. Some tests are handled by interactive voice robots from beginning to end; In a bank, chat robots process 9 out of 30

Noda constantly updates its research methods and adds new topics and research in new fields. In 2018, for a more specific service quality assessment, a special problem was added, and the scientific testing instrument is independent, which helps to evaluate the language culture and complete response level of the seats. Research shows that in this case, the first call resolution rate is 95%

as in 2017, we tested the availability of digital communication channels, callback function and click call function. Although web chat, SMS and social networking are widely spread and used today, only one-third of banks use non voice channels to import non-ferrous metal ore products to customers, and significantly increase services. As for chat robots, they are still an experiment, and it can be found that only 10% of contact centers use them. We also studied the e-mail and SMS service functions of the seats. We found that contact centers use email more than SMS (27% and 8%)

this is the contact center of Noda's sixth research bank. The results of this study were published at a business cocktail party in Moscow on October 18

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