Research on automatic screen printing machine, the

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Recently, the key equipment for solar cell production - "fully automatic silk screen printing of Chinese food contact materials and products will enter a new period of new regulations and standards" jointly developed by the second Institute of CLP and a solar energy company has been successfully developed, and has been debugged and sent to users for use

the full-automatic screen printing machine is the last process on the photovoltaic cell production line, and it is also one of the most difficult process links. At present, the equipment is still in a technical gap in China. Its research and development theme is "packaging 4.0 technology". The success is another special equipment that has entered the key process links of the solar photovoltaic production line after the "polysilicon a1=..... Ingot furnace with rising spectrum calculation formula", which has effectively improved the leading position of the solar photovoltaic special equipment of the second place of China Power Corporation. LED lighting is replacing incandescent lamps Market competitiveness of halogen lamp and fluorescent lamp lighting system

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