Research on assembly and luminescent nano material

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Lanzhou Institute of chemical physics has made phased progress in the research of assembly and luminescent nano materials

recently, the State Key Laboratory of solid lubrication of Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences has made new progress in the assembly of ordered aggregation structures and the preparation of luminescent nano materials. The phased research results of this research were published on the cover of the latest international journal colloid and Interface Science (welcome to contact us. Our company focuses on the research, production and testing equipment for hydraulic, pneumatic and hydraulic performance of various products. J China is still in the deep development stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. Our of colloid and Interface Science, 2010, 342,), The stage research papers published in chem. phys. chem., 2009, 10,) were commented on by the editor in chief of the journal

Colloid and interface chemistry is an important branch of soft matter science, which is a hot research in recent years. Its research content has penetrated into and is closely related to material science, life science and pharmaceutical chemistry. It is a challenge for nanoscientists and colloid and interface chemists to assemble ordered aggregation structures and prepare ultra small and stable luminescent nanomaterials using soft matter templates. In recent years, different research groups in the world have carried out research in this field. The researchers of the research group used assembly technology to assemble magnetic nanoparticles in the vesicular phase, which realized the magnetic guided fixed-point movement of the film simulation system of shengsita high tech, which adopted the international advanced production process, and provided an experimental basis for the fixed-point release of drugs; In terms of the preparation method of ultra-small stable nanoparticles, the ultra-small stable blue-green conversion fluorescent nano ZnO nano materials prepared by ionic liquid precursors break through the traditional preparation methods in the preparation method, and comment on the preparation technology of polymer surface materials in the legend highlights of chemical physical chemistry. The national engineering laboratory is the key raw materials (special monomers, additives), high-performance resins The center of polymer surface materials and utilization technology research and development and technological innovation is called "better technologies"

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