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Improve urban governance with the help of Internet "urban brain" to make life better

original title: improve urban governance with the help of Internet "urban brain" to make life better

the high-definition probe scanned the damaged street lamps and manhole covers, and the intelligent system recognized the damage and issued a warning at the first time; The traffic flow and the number of pedestrians at each intersection form a large hot map, and the traffic light time regulation can "suit the remedy to the case"; With the approaching typhoon, rainfall, wind speed, river water level, road ponding, and information from different systems are gathered together to eliminate urban waterlogging... Zhejiang is further deepening the construction of urban brain, allowing data to help cities think and make urban life better

for Hangzhou citizen Chen Ting, "urban brain" is an abstract and vague concept, but the change she can really feel is the length of 15 traffic lights after a 5-kilometer drive from home to work. Two years ago, it took about 20 minutes during the morning and evening peak, but now the average speed is increased by 3 minutes. This small change is the result of the accurate calculation of "urban brain"

the development of Hangzhou's "urban brain" stems from a tough battle to tackle blockages. In April 2016, Hangzhou launched the "urban brain" traffic congestion control pilot - rotary ultrasonic drilling processing, as shown in Figure 3 - to perceive the traffic situation through various data, optimize the timing of signal lights, integrate data such as monitoring probes to perceive traffic incidents such as illegal stops and accidents, and trigger mechanisms for intelligent processing. According to the information released by the authority, in 2017, the congestion ranking of Hangzhou fell from the top 3 in 2015 to the 48th in the country. In the second quarter of this year, Jinan Shijin MWe (4) 0 hydraulic wood universal testing machine fell to the 57th

the successful operation of Hangzhou "urban brain" in the field of transportation has shown people the great energy and broad prospects of interconnection in urban management. Entering the digital urban management information processing center of Hangzhou Urban Management Commission, we can see the future. 7:5h, November 1 The software of the liquid crystal rubber tensile testing machine has the function of demonstrating historical test data for 4 points. After the information collector found that a water pipe burst on Desheng East Road in Jianggan District, and the central intelligent circulation problem, the staff sent by the Urban Management Office of Jianggan District had dealt with and repaired it in just two hours. Problems in urban "parts" such as well covers, cable delivery boxes and garbage cans constitute policy depressions can be solved through this center. Up to now, Hangzhou Urban Management Committee has collected nearly 4billion pieces of information, and this number is still growing every day. These data will become part of the "urban brain" in the future

taking advantage of the Internet, not only Hangzhou, but also Ningbo, Quzhou and other places are building their own "urban brain". Quzhou "urban brain" has gathered billions of massive data at present. The analysis and utilization of these data will add an invisible layer of protection to the city. In September this year, Ningbo released its "urban brain" citygo platform, which can easily connect the data of population management departments in a simple and efficient way, making it easier for the masses to handle affairs

in the future, Zhejiang's "urban brain" will also expand into social governance, urban management, livelihood security and other fields, deeply integrate into and change everyone's life

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