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Verizon Wireless sued the fraudulent SMS operator

Verizon Wireless recently filed a lawsuit against some individuals and small businesses, accusing the defendant of creating an illegal station in 2013 to trick unwitting consumers into using deceptive SMS value-added services

verizon wireless said in the lawsuit that the SMS value-added services provided by these illegal stations involve all aspects, such as sending recipes and video game skills by SMS every day, but the problem is that the service charge price is not explained according to the regulations, cheating consumers to pay extra fees without knowing it. Compared with other similar SMS value-added services, this kind of laboratory service for SMS building materials testing will unconsciously increase the monthly bill of consumers by $3 to $10

verizon wireless filed a lawsuit against Jason hope as the mastermind. At the same time, six other individuals and 20 companies were prosecuted. Verizon Wireless said that hope and its partners obtained short message access codes from mobile operators by first establishing a legal station and providing legal SMS value-added services, and then they used the same short message access code to access the "shadow station", but did not charge according to the public tariff

according to the charging of ordinary SMS value-added service, Verizon Wireless will leave a small part after charging value-added service fees, and most of the rest will be distributed to a third party, that is, value-added service providers. SMS value-added service is operated by the value-added service provider who obtains the SMS access code. Therefore, it is difficult for telecom operators to distinguish which part of the income comes from illegal stations and which part of the income comes from legal stations

this deception is a new form of fraud, which is both spam messages and false marketing. Verizon Wireless said that in order to combat fraud, the company has filed more than 20 such lawsuits since 2004. At the same time, Verizon Wireless also advocates that other telecom operators work together to crack down on fraud using their own networks

relevant standards for strategic emerging industries; 3. Relevant standards for urban energy infrastructure. Although Verizon Wireless did not disclose the specific number of cheated users, it said that a considerable number of users were affected. Verizon Wireless said it would set up a special station to provide customers with refund services. People's post and telegraph

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