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robam/boss 26a5t+9b17 side suction range hood gas set range hood gas set meal

new product tasting fashion appearance black side suction delivery to the door

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the smoke range was bought the first day, and arrived the next day, not to mention the speed, I also caught up with the National Day holiday, which was a lot cheaper! It's the third time to buy the boss's smoke stove. The quality is really not good, and the appearance is becoming more and more fashionable and beautiful. This time, I bought this one for my parents. The picture shows strong smoking ability and good after-sales cleaning service, which is especially convenient for the elderly! The quality of the boss, no choice Expand to view detailed evaluation>

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the competitiveness of the market will also be further improved

Robam/boss 26a5t+9b17 side suction range hood gas set configuration parameters:

product parameters:

certificate number:

certificate status: valid


Applicant Name: Hangzhou boss Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

manufacturer name: Hangzhou boss Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Product Name: range hood

3C product model: cxw-, cxw-, cxw-, cxw-200-

place of origin: Chinese Mainland

brand: robam/boss

boss's smoke stove sleeve will be installed many times higher model: 26a5t+9b17

intelligent type: it can be used to produce automobile closures such as engine cover, trunk cover and door; Intelligent

range hood exhaust volume: 16.5 m3/min

Color Classification: contact customer service in areas that cannot be photographed, Comments are polite

fuel type: natural gas liquefied gas

control panel material of range hood: tempered glass

gas stove structure: embedded

installation position of range hood: side suction

local service: local door-to-door installation

after sales service: national joint insurance

range hood elimination package category: range hood combination

range hood type: side suction

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