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Weisheng electronics and zhongchuanrui have worked together to develop a train WiFi service system for Chinese passengers. Taipei, August 20, 2015 - Weisheng electronics today announced its cooperation with Jiangsu zhongchuanruiyou Information Technology Co., Ltd. on China's passenger train Wi Fi service system. Even in extremely remote locations, the system can provide passengers with free and uninterrupted Wi Fi connection services

in the future, on more than 700 trains equipped with ultra industrial Wi Fi servers, passengers can use their own terminal devices (such as tablets, etc.) to visit and contact through the application platform provided by zhongchuanrui railwifi, and interact with friends on social software (/). In addition, it also provides a series of entertainment options, such as free movies, music, games and ticket booking services

as for the service life of the adhesive tape, the advantages of the car Wi Fi service system include:

with the self-developed capacity scalable cloud service platform, zhongchuanrui can effectively meet the huge carrying capacity of Chinese passengers and solve the problem of signal interference

As a terminal app, Luolan has been opened to passengers free of charge, launching popular entertainment columns such as movies, music, books, crosstalk, games, etc; In addition, it also provides functions and services such as good optical properties, good biocompatibility, wettability, gas permeability, degradation resistance and sufficient mechanical properties as contact lens materials for railway tourism special trains, ticket booking, etc. At present, Ctrip is still increasing and optimizing content services on the platform according to market demand and user feedback

the fan Free Ultra reinforced equipment provided by via supports a wide range of pressure, temperature and high vibration, and protects the stability and high performance of the equipment during bumpy train operation. The device provides a solid foundation for the train Wi Fi service platform, and supports up to 120 users in each carriage to access and use at the same time

we are very happy to become a partner in the development of train Wi Fi integrated service system with Ctrip. Richard Brown, vice president of global marketing of via electronics, commented that through uninterrupted network services, we will provide passengers with diversified entertainment options and railway tourism related services. This cooperation will greatly improve the travel experience of Chinese passengers

at present, we have the exclusive right to operate more than 700 trains with 6 railway bureaus including Guangzhou Bureau, Kunming Bureau, Beijing Bureau, Zhengzhou Bureau, Lanzhou Bureau and Hohhot Bureau. Dr. Zhao Ji'an, chief technology officer of zhongchuanrui, said that Weisheng train communication control solution embodied many obvious advantages in the research and development process. Cooperating with Weisheng not only accelerated the development speed of our train Wi Fi service system, but also helped us better upgrade the system

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