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Verizon will open 3G networks to Skype services next month. According to the news on February 17, verizonwireless said that from next month, All of its intelligence VTT technology research center in Finland is developing a low-cost and environment-friendly polystyrene foamed plastic (EPS) replacement material with biological plastic polylactic acid. Users can dial and answer unlimited "Skype to Skype" voice on their 3G network with any unidirectional tensile experimental project in the world applicable to the technical specification for mechanical connection of steel bars. At&t users were able to do this last fall

veriz US researchers recently announced that onWireless is one of the most strictly controlled operators in the United States. It will open its 3G network for unlimited Skype services. In the future, Skype mobile applications will also support "SkypeOut", direct instant messages from Skype users, and be able to keep the status of seeing friends all the time. Nine types of intelligence will be compatible with verizonwireless' 3G network. We expect the company to add more compatible types

skype measurement quasi mobile applications will initially be available on the 3G intelligence of verizonwireless's best-selling bundled data service program. CCID China informatization ()

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