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Vestas and Chinese suppliers have created a "win-win"

for thousands of years, the wild wind roared across the sky filled with clouds and snow waves, leaving with unrecognized treasures. Now, with the help of the power of science and technology, human beings can finally hold the hand of Fengshen, so that her steps can stop for a while. Vestas, as the leader of wind energy technology in the world, has long been committed to the research and development, production, installation and maintenance of world-class wind turbines, so that the power of the wind can be used by mankind while protecting the environment

in 1986, Weiss saw TASS installed the first batch of wind turbines in Hainan Province and Shandong Province, becoming the first wind turbine manufacturer to enter the Chinese market a few years ago, which is closely related to China's wind energy industry. Up to now, Vestas has five integrated factories and 3000 employees in three provinces in China, and 1525 turbines have been installed in 13 provinces. By the end of 2009, the company's investment in China will reach 3billion yuan

in the course of more than 20 years of deep cultivation in the Chinese market, Vestas has always believed that its development depends on the support of Chinese partners, and in return, the company is constantly sharing global experience with Chinese suppliers. Vestas knows that a stable, continuous and efficient supply chain is the cornerstone of producing high-quality and reliable products. For this reason, supplier development and quality assurance are always the top priorities of the company

as a global enterprise, Vestas' suppliers come from all over the world. In recent years, due to the growing maturity and strong competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry, Vestas has gradually established a diversified, internationally competitive and high-quality supply chain in China

in the cooperation with Chinese suppliers, Vestas has always adhered to the "win-win" belief: to create high-performance suppliers comparable to the world level in China, as well as manufacturers that can provide reliable and high-quality products for Vestas' growing wind turbine production bases in China and the world. To this end, Vestas has set up a special team of supplier quality evaluation engineers in China to carry out daily cooperation with suppliers on site. This close cooperation established in the process of developing products and improving processes is Vestas' commitment to products, partners, customers and the wind energy industry

the Vestas supplier quality evaluation engineer and supplier development engineer team with more than 100 people are committed to expanding the skills of suppliers in gradually replacing mechanical laboratory machines, and constantly optimizing the cooperation process with suppliers, so as to help suppliers improve their own quality control and safety audit capabilities. This improvement will ultimately enable suppliers to further improve product quality, streamline production processes, reduce waste, make less use of resources and reduce costs. Vestas' ultimate goal is to work with all suppliers to achieve and maintain the management level of "Six Sigma" for the benign development of testing machines in China

in 2008, Hengshi Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. won the global supplier award of Vestas blade department for its excellent performance and high-level product quality. After winning the award, he, vice president of Hengshi Glass Fiber Co., Ltd., said, "our company has benefited a lot from the partnership with Vestas. From product inspection, testing to delivery, we all benefit from the knowledge and experience taught by Vestas as a leader in the world wind energy industry. Thanks to Vestas' trust and support, we have now become a leader in the field of glass fiber required for the manufacture of wind turbine blades."

from the date of entering China, Vestas' ultimate goal is to do its best to contribute to the international competitiveness and efficiency of China's wind energy industry. It is believed that this move will benefit the company's partners, customers, China's wind energy industry and Vestas itself

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