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Using Autodesk Inventor tools to improve the design efficiency of fixtures

nowadays, professional mechanical users have put forward higher and higher requirements for the quality and supply cycle of mechanical product design, and professional mechanical design manufacturers are beginning to feel that there are many unsolvable problems in the previous two-dimensional design environment. In order to keep up with the development of customer needs and improve design efficiency, they began to focus on new design solutions. Recently, Nanjing Juxing mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. encountered such thorny problems when taking over a new design project

two dimensional problems that are difficult to solve

the company recently received the project of auto parts modular machine tool from Wuhan ThyssenKrupp Chassis Co., Ltd. The company noted that the processing parts provided by the user are foreign designed three-dimensional data (IGES files), and required Juxing company to provide the design data of three-dimensional modular machine tools within the specified time

this makes Juxing engineers feel a little tricky. Because the company has been designing fixtures in a two-dimensional environment in the past, facing sudden three-dimensional data requirements, some unsolvable problems are particularly prominent

the first exposed problem is that the machined parts are three-dimensional. In the design, the machined surface, positioning axis and support point must be three-dimensional space, so it is difficult to express intuitively in the existing two-dimensional design environment. Engineers need to spend a lot of time drawing to accurately express the fixture model

secondly, since the design process of the fixture is a process of continuous verification and improvement, if it is designed in a two-dimensional environment, whenever there is a problem with the improved design scheme, it must be completely redesigned, and the previous working drawings cannot be used at all. This greatly reduces the efficiency of the design work, that is, the maximum number of experimental channels of the system is 10

in addition, because the mechanism of the special machine tool is complex and has many mechanism movements, the design of the special fixture is an important part of the machine tool design. Due to the constraints of the two-dimensional software environment, some problems can only be found during on-site installation. This is likely to delay the delivery cycle of the company and bring losses to the company

autodesk inventor provides solutions

after realizing the problems, the leaders and technical backbones of Jusheng company recognized the solutions provided by Autodesk through the demonstration and technical exchange of pre-sales engineers of auotdesk company, and chose to apply inventor to improve the software design environment

they transferred the 3D model data provided by customers and warmly welcomed by President Yaming and his wife to the inventor environment, made full use of the functions of inventor's work axis and work edge, and conveniently and quickly found the machined surface, fixture positioning axis and key fixture support location. These factors are crucial for fixture design

then, using the function of inventor to support sketch to participate in assembly, the final spatial position of hydraulic and pneumatic components in the clamping was preliminarily determined through the found machining surface, positioning axis and support positioning points, and the preliminary fixture design scheme was completed

after the preliminary scheme is determined, in the 3D environment of inventor, continue to determine the required hydraulic and pneumatic components and their spatial positions on the fixture base through calculation, and establish the 3D model of fixture assembly. At this time, the model is very intuitive to express the complete three-dimensional information of fixture assembly components

because the information of inventor 3D model is much richer than that of 2D design, the resulting modified design scheme is also very concise and clear. At this time, if the fixture design scheme changes, just modify some parameters in inventor and redesign under the new scheme accordingly. The rationality of the whole design is determined by reviewing the basic coordination, mechanism motion simulation, part analysis and other operations. After the audit is completed, the relevant detailed design of the parts, including the undercut and the weight reduction of the parts, will be carried out. Finally, the engineering drawing is generated by projection. The result shows that the whole engineering drawing fully meets the customer's requirements. All engineering drawings are added with shaft side drawings, which concretely and intuitively express the three-dimensional spatial information of the product

autodesk inventor brings results

autodesk inventor is a dimension driven solid modeling system, which uses structured technology, including sketching two-dimensional interface contours and stretching, rotating and sweeping sketches to form solid models

in Jusheng company, the detail of using inventor environment to clamp parts in simulation fixture reflects the function of interference inspection in motion under inventor environment, solves the problems that cannot be solved by previous two-dimensional design, and realizes the one-time success of design, production and field installation. Because it reduces many unnecessary errors in the design process, it greatly improves the design efficiency of engineers, so that engineers can devote more energy to the design itself

it can be said that Juxing company chose to apply inventor to upgrade the design environment this time, which was very successful. The leaders and engineers of the company have fully experienced the convenience and efficiency brought by Autodesk solutions. By providing users with high-performance design products that meet the requirements, they have brought practical returns to enterprises and users. The leaders of Jusheng company said that after the daily relative humidity exceeds 100%, the application of inventor in the technology department will continue to expand, and the oil and depth can be changed appropriately, in order to further improve the market competitiveness of the company

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