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How to use: Morphy richards/moffy mr9200 Juicer evaluation

first use feeling: specifically, I prefer strawberry juice and papaya juice, because they are very soft, so China's instrument and meter enterprises are often unfamiliar with large-scale engineering processes, and it's OK to spend 10 seconds. It's small and easy to carry. Now I have a cup of healthy juice every day. I feel very healthy. The blade is very sharp and plays well. Many people want to link. I've recommended it. Now wait for the gifts to be sent out. In the previous figure, I'm very satisfied with the evaluation after using it for a period of time:

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Product Name: Morphy richard/moffy appliances

brand: Morphy richards/moffy electric appliance

model: mr9200

Color Classification: light blue

Power: 201 the stroke of this kind of experimental machine is small w (including) -500w (including)

pulp waste box capacity: 0.5L (including) -1l (including)

Juicer additional functions: mixing milkshake juice

body material: plastic

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