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Uzbekistan plans to build new subway lines. Can Chinese enterprises show their strength again

Uzbekistan plans to build new subway lines. Can Chinese enterprises show their strength again

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according to the Ministry of finance of Uzbekistan, in order to improve the construction of urban transportation infrastructure and alleviate the transportation pressure of municipal roads, the company decided to continue to follow environmental protection lines. The Uzbek government has approved the proposal submitted by the Tashkent municipal government to build a new subway line, which will build a branch line connecting yunusaba district to the existing subway line ③ clip concrete generally adopts high-quality medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel

with the implementation of the "the Belt and Road" strategy of providing a new series of gray and beige simple bridges by compositeadvantage this year, Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries have increasingly close economic cooperation with China. In recent years, a large number of demonstration projects of "connectivity" cooperation have been implemented. It has also become a successful example of cooperation between China's high-quality production capacity and countries along the "the Belt and Road"

in recent years, China has further strengthened cooperation with countries along the "the Belt and Road" in the field of infrastructure construction, especially in the construction of railway and rail transit. China Railway, China railway construction, CRRC, China Communications, China Construction and other enterprises have achieved significant results in construction cooperation and technical equipment export

China railway equipment, China Railway Construction and CRRC all participated in the Xinjiang Construction Machinery Exhibition - Railway and rail transit special exhibition. The exhibition is committed to accelerating the construction of a comprehensive transportation system connecting the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and building a national transportation hub into Central Asia. It will be held at Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center on July, 2017. In addition to the above-mentioned enterprises, CCCC Tianhe, Sansan industry and other enterprises have also participated in the exhibition to show the latest scientific research achievements and help the construction of rail transit in Xinjiang and Central Asia

in the same period, the "Xinjiang Central Asia railway and rail transit Summit Forum" will be held, and relevant government representatives, academicians, famous experts and well-known enterprise engineers will attend the conference. Leaders of relevant departments of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and other countries and investment representatives in China will attend investment promotion meetings and equipment procurement meetings

at that time, many visiting groups will visit the transportation, construction and water conservancy systems of the autonomous region and the Corps, Xinjiang Communications Construction Group, Xinjiang Airport Construction Group, Xinjiang urban construction, corps water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Group, Urumqi Railway Bureau, Urumqi Urban Rail Transit group and so on

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