Structural characteristics and technical difficult

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Special valve: analysis of the structural characteristics and technical difficulties of the material rotary valve

I. technical progressiveness

in the conveying system, the material rotary valve is used to quantitatively convey the materials from the silo or feeding device. Granular rotary valve or powder rotary valve shall be selected according to the nature of the transported materials. This kind of valve has stable operation, high transmission efficiency and variable frequency control

II. Structural features and technical difficulties

structural features:

1 there is an optimal gap between the rotor and the valve body, which can not be stuck by the material when passing through the safety barrier mtl796 (-), but also ensure the minimum air leakage

2 the inner surface of the valve body and the surface of the rotor hopper are smooth, which can minimize the retention of materials

3 the rotor shaft ends on both sides of the rotary valve are equipped with blow out ports to ensure the normal operation of the bearings

4 it is equipped with a rotor monitoring device to facilitate automatic control

technical difficulties:

1 the clearance between the rotor and the valve body shall be reasonably determined according to the characteristics of the conveyed granular material or powder and the specifications of the rotary valve, and with the experience accumulated in practice

2 it is difficult to polish the inner surface of the valve body and the surface of the rotor hopper, especially the dead corner

application scope of three products

the position relationship between two situations is often caused

the material rotary valve is used in the pneumatic conveying system of various granular or powder materials

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