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CTI solution enables it operation and maintenance services to operate efficiently

in the public service industry, the staff of the service window often face it problems such as computer failures and habitually call the Information Center for help, but engineers are busy, which affects the quality of equipment and solves various problems. There are many problems, and problems are often omitted. The problem has not been solved for a long time, affecting the office

the information center of Chengdu hi tech management committee is facing a similar situation:

the information center of Chengdu hi tech committee is on the 11th floor, with only seven or eight technicians, who need to be responsible for the PC and application of all government windows and the operation and maintenance of servers in buildings a and B of the Committee. Due to the large number of staff on each floor, they often encounter various faults and use problems of software and hardware, so they are used to calling the information center to report obstacles and find engineers to solve problems, but engineers often forget to deal with many things. If the problem is not solved, the staff will not be able to provide external services, and there are often long queues in the window to provide external services on weekdays. It can be seen that getting through the internal IT operation and maintenance services of enterprises and providing good services for customers has become the primary problem to be solved in the service industry

the high tech management committee has implemented a number of operation and maintenance service management systems. It is hoped that the staff problems can be naturally connected to the existing system, processed and reported. Since the staff do not want to use multiple systems for office work, the SSO single sign on function of easy maintenance help desk can just be integrated into the original system. Log in to the account to submit work orders/query work orders. At the same time, it also provides a perfect CTI solution, so that staff can continue to use the barrier, get through the internal IT operation and maintenance services of the enterprise, and improve the service efficiency

access the USB recording box of the easy maintenance help desk to automatically identify the incoming call information and avoid missing orders

the information center of the high tech management committee quickly deployed the USB recording box and went online immediately. Whenever a staff member dials the information center in case of system failure, the easy maintenance help desk can recognize the electrical identity and pop up a window to present it to the technicians

at the end of the call, the system will automatically create a work order and record it in voice format through the recording file. The technicians will assign the recording work order to the corresponding group according to the information fault category including inspection unit, test article, test scheme, peak test force, test date, test conclusion and so on, so that there will be no missing orders and the content of handling events will not be remembered. In this way, the missing order rate of engineers is greatly reduced and the pressure of work errors is reduced

in addition, the easy maintenance help desk provides window staff with a variety of obstacle reporting service channels, which can submit problems through channels and help center page forms. At the same time, it posts feedback QR codes for each office. When the staff can't use the computer, they can submit service problems through code scanning and express delivery

What if technicians go out of the field? Don't worry, technicians can directly receive work order reminders when installing easyway app. They can accept tasks and deal with problems at 4:01 a.m. on November 17 anytime, anywhere on the way and during rest

the information center department establishes the workflow and solidifies the service process

the information center department establishes the service process, which can solidify the workflow, such as approval, procurement, network adjustment, server configuration and so on. If technicians need to purchase accessories, they can select the workflow in the submitted work order to make the work order flow automatically, eliminating the need for each technician to manually select the next handler. The coordination is realized and the problem is solved quickly and orderly

the statistical report comprehensively shows the work of the Department of the information center, which is convenient for assessment

the management committee carries the image of the government organization of Chengdu high tech Zone, so the superior has very strict requirements for the information center, and needs to make a detailed report every month and quarter. Because the work order records will automatically generate multi-dimensional statistical tables, the necessary data for making weekly and monthly work reports can be obtained through the built-in statistical reports in the system, which can provide true and effective data reports for users and leaders, and facilitate the assessment of the work of technicians

through the integration of easy maintenance help desk and system, it can bring efficient IT service and office efficiency to the service industry without changing the existing business process. Obviously, no matter how the industry develops, it is still the most important customer service channel for most enterprises. Whether it is a service industry that has a call center or has not established a call center, it can quickly access the easy maintenance service system through the USB cassette


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